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What Everyone Is Missing In Their Assessments – The Evil That Is Joe Biden

As an avid follower of Tucker/Hannity/Laura, I’m bemused as to why they always ask why this or that isn’t preferable to what the Biden Administration is doing. The supposition seems to be that Joe Biden really doesn’t know and can’t figure out why gas is so expensive or inflation so scary or crime so bad or illegal immigration so out of control or masks so wrong or Afghanistan such a catastrophe.

That supposition is wrong. I think Biden (vaguely) knows what he’s doing and that that’s to take America down as her last president. Coming across as a blithering idiot is probably not what he would have chosen if he had had the wits to choose, but behind the scenes, he doubtless gets plenty of pep talks and slaps on the back to keep his spirits up so he’ll hang in there. Somebody is telling Joe he’s a big dog and he’s lapping it up.

And it ain’t just Dr. Jill patting him on his flat and vacant head.

Believing all this to be so, it’s easy to assume a host of other things, viz: That Biden and Cronies never have believed in America and have always just been out for themselves; that the conspiracy theories about the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds have moved out of the realm of theory and into reality; and that the drama of Good vs Evil spelled out in the Bible is playing out before our eyes as the end times.

Looked at this way, the disaster that is this administration makes an odd kind of sense. Nobody with any self-awareness, and who could actually think, would be able to stand making such an ass of himself on the world stage. Nor would anybody who really did love America. Joe Biden is not just stupid; he and his cronies are evil, sons of Satan, and it’s time we used such language to describe them.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

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