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[Video] Bill Maher Shreds Democrats’ Approach To Immigration With Ben Shapiro

Bill Maher is not a conservative. In fact, on many issues such as the role of government and religion, Bill Maher is on the far left. But one thing Maher is not is a leftwing panderer. He is a liberal, but in the classic sense, and he doesn’t pull punches when it comes to criticizing public figures: left, center, or right. He welcomes debate and the exchange of ideas, he’s adamantly opposed to Cancel Culture, and he also has a true sense of rationality about him. Such was the case yesterday when he appeared on Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special.

After a lengthy discussion between Maher and Shapiro about the most serious health crisis in America – which is not COVID, but obesity – the topic turned immigration, and Maher’s take on the Democrats’ mindset was both blistering and spot-on. Watch:

The exchange was fascinating with Maher’s utter rebuke of the modern left’s strategy of identity politics and their complete misreading of what is important to Hispanic Americans.

Maher: “Immigration is an issue where the Democrats are really not getting it, you know. I mean they’re losing the Hispanic vote.”

Shapiro: “It’s an amazing thing.”

Maher: “Along the border in Texas, you know, their idea, is again, sort of to your point about identity politics, their conception is, I think is wrong, is that every Latino in America is thinking, ‘ Boy, more immigration, that would be the best thing.’ And a lot of them are thinking, ‘No, I’m here. The last thing I want is someone else coming over who’s going to do my job for a little less.”

Today’s left believes that the only thing that matters to minority voters is their skin color, and perhaps their language, and they try to exploit those differences at every opportunity. But it’s not working. Hispanics are rapidly rejecting the Democrats’ divide-and-conquer approach and are choosing instead to focus on the things that truly matter to them – things that the Democrats have snubbed – and are important to Americans of every race and background.

Black and Hispanic folks care about their well-being and the well-being of their friends and family. They care about our national security, our economic stability, and they want the best educations possible for their children and grandchildren. Their priorities aren’t much different from those of every other voter, and they’re beginning to recognize the shenanigans that Democrats have been playing.

An increasing number of Hispanic voters, and in fact all types of voters, are rejecting the divisiveness of the left and their media. Hispanics may sympathize with folks who want to immigrate to our country, but their priority is to help themselves first. And while the Democrats focus on free handouts to illegal immigrants, and preaching about absurd gender theories, and advocating for the elimination of our basic human freedoms, minority voters are reconsidering their electoral loyalties and saying, “No, thanks,” or “No, gracias.”

By Jess Lawson

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Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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