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[WATCH] Clueless Joe Biden Refers To Kamala Harris As His “First Lady”

Does Joe Biden know where he is at a given time? Does he know who his wife is? Who his vice president is? My guess: No.

I mean, just watch this. The idiotic blunder and the empty, stupid smile are enough to make you hate your friends and family all over again for voting for this disaster.

Biden: “We’ve had a little change in the arrangement as to who’s on the stage because the first lady’s husband contracting Covid…”

Handler: **inaudible””

Biden: “Pardon?” 

Handler: **inaudible**

Biden: “That’s right. It’s me that’s not together. She’s fine…The First Gentleman, how about that….anyway.”

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The most disappointing part of the video is not his mental decline, though that is indeed bad. Rather, it is the way whatever seals are in the audience clap and laugh when Biden makes the type of gaffe only the demented fool could make. 

First Lady Harris? That’s not even a ballpark mistake for someone who speaks a lot. That’s just Misspeaking 101. Brandon is clearly lost and clueless and the trained sycophants laugh like it’s no big deal. He literally does this stuff everyday and they don’t have the slightest care in the world. He isn’t Orange Man Bad so what do they care. 

Moreover, he owns it! “That’s on me,” he says. No kidding.

Curiously, both Barack Obama and Doug Emhoff both tested positive within a few days of one another despite cases dramatically decreasing. Personally, I don’t know of a single person who has been positive in weeks. And I am supposed to believe that Obama and Emhoff both got it? Maybe, or maybe the powers that be just want to provide a subtle reminder that Covid is still scary.

Since we’re talking about Emhoff here, let’s just bring back a classic. Joe Biden once made a joke about a male serving in the role of spouse to the vice president. He actually jokes about the Second Gentleman, suggesting it is beneath a man to hold the title. Then there’s this mistake again; he simply cannot fathom the presence of a Second Gentleman or wrasp his head around the title:

As it relates to misnaming and misidentifying the people closest to him, we’ve also been down this path before. Who could easily forget when Biden confused his wife with his sister at a campaign event in 2020. In that clip, Biden can clearly be seen

What an embarrassing fool. And he gets to pretend he’s the President of the United States.