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This Celebrity’s Nashville Bar Brought Back “Let’s Get, Brandon!” In A Huge Way

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that echoed around stadiums, concerts, and pretty much every other public venue in 2021 might have been the best part of that year.

The phrase, a dig at both Biden and the media, was a great way to make fun of the corrupt and lying elites in a family-friendly way while also showing utter contempt for Biden himself.

However, as time wore on, the chant dies out. Whether because the cold brought an end to the public events where it was most popular or because people just got tired of it, there have been fewer and fewer videos of crowds joining in the hilarious chant recently even though Biden has made error after error in his year-long trainwreck of a presidency.

Well, the chant might finally be back. Kid Rock, who recently told Tucker Carlson that he’s “uncancelable,” is all in on making fun of Biden and did so via a chant in his Nashville bar and restaurant, the “Big Ass Honky Tonk.”

There he and Tucker Carlson had a few laughs while Kid Rock led a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant with the raucous crowd gladly joining along, as TMZ reports:

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics