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[WATCH] Fighting Fire With Fire: Daily Wire Confronts Woke Capitalism Head-On

This is how it’s done, folks. The conservative media company The Daily Wire, which was founded by Jeremy Boreing and Ben Shapiro, isn’t just lamenting Cancel Culture and talking about how problematic it is, they’re putting themselves in direct competition with it. And today’s kick-off of a new product offering should bring smiles to the faces of conservatives everywhere.

For some background, last year the company Harry’s Razors pulled their ads from all Daily Wire programming. Why? Because one of the company’s top podcasters, Michael Knowles, had the audacity to assert on one of his shows that men are men and women are women. A couple of wokesters on Twitter objected – and that’s not an exaggeration, there were literally two objectors – and Harry’s decided to take their ad revenue and go home. Seriously, that’s it.

Since that time, both Knowles and Shapiro have frequently referenced the disengagement during their shows as being indicative of the larger problems of the woke mob, woke capitalism, and Cancel Culture. And today, The Daily Wire put itself in direct competition with Harry’s Razors with this launch of Jeremy’s Razors:

There’s so much that is right about this ad and the offering:

– Rather than taking action, conservatives tend to sit back with Cancel Culture. We shrug out shoulders and say Aw Shucks. But there are other options and this is one of them. Don’t just sit there and take it, speak with your wallets and let your money do the talking.

– The ad is hysterical. Boreing has always had that dry, deadpan sense of humor and he pulls it off perfectly here. With his “Do you remember when there were two genders?” question, and his reference to Knowles as a “peon” as he walks by his cubicle, Boreing makes his point with a hearty laugh.

– It’s not just a pitch to have you buy their products, they give you a reason to buy them, and they’re making no apologies.

– The ad is impressive. It’s professional, slick, and well-produced, and its indicative of DW’s ambition to branch out into entertainment. And no, I don’t have any relatives working at The Daily Wire.

We haven’t had a chance to sample the products by Jeremy’s Razors yet, but something tells us they’re going to be just as good as Harry’s, and at the very least, we should all give them a try. As the ad says and is so unfortunately true, woke companies like Harry’s Razors hate you. They want your money, but they despise your values. So why are we giving our money to them?

[Editor’s Note: There are plenty of other woke companies to avoid in addition to Harry’s Razors. Below are some resources to consider, including alternative options.]

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