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“Biden’s Woke Supreme Court Pick Turns Into A PUDDLE”: Watch As Tom Cotton Destroys Brown Jackson Over Support Of Suspected Terrorists

Tom Cotton would already have earned an A+ for his digging into Joe Biden’s affirmative action nominee Ketanjio Brown Jackson and her disgusting leniency toward and support for consumers of child pornography. She is vile.

As if Cotton hadn’t done enough already, now he’s going after the judge and Supreme Court hopeful for her almost-as-bad representation of suspected terrorists and detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Kudos to Cotton for having the stones to do what few GOP seem willing to anymore. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, and Marsha Blackburn have been impressive throughout the hearings as well.

Here is Cotton turning Ketanji Brown Jackson into a “puddle”:

Cotton: “I’ve seen you’ve done pro bono work for or on behalf of detainees of Guantanamo Bay. Have you ever done pro bono work for the victims of terrorism?”

Brown Jackson: “Senator, I am not aware of any such cases in my law firm. I was in a group of lawyers that was often approached…asked ‘would you file a grief for some group?’ And I am not aware of any victims of terrorism asked our firm.”

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The whole thing is despicable. Now, under the Constitution all individuals charged with a crime are both innocent until proven guilty and to such an end deserving of legal representation. That is how it should be.

That being said, morally confused lawyers like Brown Jackson go out of their way to represent the worst of humanity at the expense of their victims. It is one thing to be a public defender; it is another to be a for-profit law firm and bilk the U.S. taxpayer out of money while simultaneously seeking to release people wishing to inflict harm on the very same taxpayers. 

For the same reason she would rather treat pedophiles with kid gloves, as it were, so too would she rather provide comfort to the bad guys than to the innocents they terrorized.

Ketanji Brown Jackson should never have been considered for this opening. Aside from the fact that Joe Biden made the un-American promise on the campaign trail and the later legally untenable nomination to the exclusion of everyone else, she is simply unfit. Does she value the rights enumerated in the Constitution? Does she even know what the Constitution says? If she can neither define the concept of a woman or elucidate her position as to when life begins, what other fundamental issues is she either ignorant of (at best) or intentionally elusive of (at worst)?

The Supreme Court is in shambles enough with the likes of Sonia Sotomayor and John Roberts. We do not need an open supporter of Critical Race Theory to further disintegrate it.