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“F****** White Slaver Piece Of S***!”: Hollywood Actor Launches Disgusting Tirade Against GOP Senator (VIDEO)

The rules of political engagement are as follows: If you’re a Democrat and don’t like what Republicans are doing, then they are evil and racist. And, of course, it works in any direction. 

When they nominate a Supreme Court justice (see: Brett Kavanaugh), then the nominee deserves heaps of scorn. When they seek to block a justice (see: Ketanji Brown Jackson), then they deserve heaps of scorn. See how this works? Democrats are always right and Republicans are always wrong.

Clueless loser and C-list Hollywood actor Ron Perlman just provided a masterclass video summarizing this rule. Because Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) uncovered disturbing patterns of judicial leniency for known pedophiliac behavior from nominee Brown Jackson, he correctly produced a line of questioning to better understand her thinking.

In an additional masterclass of zero self-awareness and supremely inflated self-worth, Perlman thought we needed his opinion on matters of partisan politics. Take a listen…if you can stand to listen to another sanctions elite as he piles on profanity:

“Tom Cotton — that really can’t be your name, can it? What is that? Product your unpaid employees pick for you, for profit? You fucking white slaver piece of shit.

That line of questioning you pulled on that incredibly beautiful woman yesterday — your staff is probably cowering as you read those statistics that they, under duress, put together for you, unless they’re a bunch of white fucking slavers too. Which is probably the case. Who else would work for you, you piece of shit?

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Play back your line of questioning and tell me that wasn’t the most racist thing I’ve seen since Jefferson fucking Davis. Fuck you!”

What a tool. A) He has never been interesting. B) Any time you lead with a personal insult it shows how weak your position is. C) He thinks stats are racist. D) Would he think this was racist if the nominee were white? E) This is all utterly insane.

Breitbart picked up more of the story as to what prompted the grade school, albeit unhinged, rant:

“[Cotton] addressed her judicial record when it came to sentencing child pornography offenders.

‘Should the United States strengthen or weaken sentences for child pornographers?” Cotton asked. Judge Jackson mostly evaded the query, responding “Senator, that is not a simple question, and the reason is because what this country does in terms of penalties is in Congress’s province.’

Cotton replied: ‘I have to say, judge, I think whether or not we should strengthen or weaken sentences for child pornographers is a pretty simple question, but I’ll move on.’”

If seeking to protect children from dangerous predators is a legacy of slavery, what else needs to be said? As always, Democrats and their useful idiots allies are wrong about everything. Does Perlman not want to discuss leniency for child porn and child molestation for a separate reason? Given that he works in Hollywood, it’s probably worth asking the question.