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One Undeniable Lesson We’ve Learned From The KBJ Hearings: Washington Is Full Of Idiots

Here we are again with the beasts of the Washington D.C. cabal of taxpayer leeches doing their best to present intelligent thought. And sniffing from behind in their slithering crawl is the “media.” Probably only among modernity’s universities can less intelligent thinking or fewer of the eruditus populus be found.

And at that an attempt at concomitant importance with what is referred to on different occasions as ‘The Greatest Form of Government’ ever devised… the ‘Great American Experiment’… ‘A Great Democracy’…and on and on with the nonsense usually pasted together by what is mostly referred to as the media.

The media itself – from the highest cable ratings of the Fox Corp to the few-hundred-viewer sideshow CNN – is, for the most part, a helpless collection of babblers of rumor and They-Sayers (e.g. “They say this, or they say that.”) Together, these two (the beast and the media) feed each other like parasites; like a family of ticks living within tree moss. They both get fat from the blood and sap of others. And because they do little, they know little.

The media itself, like the Washington political/bureaucratic league (the beasts) of self-loving leeches and war-lovers, is not a news forum or source. It is much like Hollywood where the characters on the screen act, they don’t report. No? Listen to the pitiful syntax and/or grammar many of these highly paid blathers use. They talk about “the amount of people”, or “how many parties have you went to,’ or read some of the unfootnoted, unsourced comic book histories some write… bestsellers of course… marketing magic?

This collection of bird-egg robbers is the same sort who like to schmooze with the pols and the judges at the local pubs or once upon a time the so-called Washington Correspondents Dinner. This is that famous get-together where the deepest thoughts of the evening roll off the tongue of some third-rate comedian. The rest try and charm one another with the latest nonsensical flavor-idiot-thought of the week over white wine, etc.

“Is a man a dog or a woman? Shouldn’t we explore this?”

“The world will end in ten years.”

“Inflation is caused by things costing more. And the way to deflate is for things not to cost as much. So do it. Make things deflate.”

“Everyone should be able to own his own windmill. This is the green dream.”

These people are like the Stepford-wives and they are all dressed like Kamala, AOC, or Cory Booker. No, the Republicans are as a-honorable as the Democrats. Political thugs both, and the media slobbers like a pet pooch. One-party owner of one rabid dog.

It is difficult not to drift when you are attempting to explain a particular event in Washington D.C. It is much like going on a cattle drive and trying to recall one particular cow pattie; while stepping over one you are apt to step into another. And D.C. has pile after pile (indoors and out).

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So back to the beasts. These are the various elected (some may be legal, some certainly not) officials who claim (about 75%) supposedly guide our glorious government into its holy quest to preserve what the so-called founders found. There was no such group of “founders.” People at the time just wanted to have their own governments under English Law apart from the British Parliament, and particularly the East India Company. Remember the Boston Tea Party.

Consequently, instead of being happy with a confederated republic, they sent delegates to Philadelphia to modify, with unanimous consent only, their 13 new and independent governments’ association in a modified new political compact. They, of course, skipped over the unanimous part which made for a second secession moment.

It was this sort of Hamiltonian-styled legerdemain, skipping the unanimous part, which had kept Patrick Henry away from the Philadelphia convention with his famous “I smell a rat.” Not exactly the scholarship of Ron Perlman or Robert DeNiro, but pretty good for a non-actor.

Nevertheless, today’s beast game-of-the-week is the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice. In this case, it is a nominee of whoever winds Joe Biden up day-by-day. I doubt that Biden knows Jackson’s name or even remembers he promised a black woman would be an appointee.

But now the beasts are chatting and questioning in the pretty little playroom where supposedly-important hearings are held by unimportant people who congregate. And they’re pretending that some black woman (Joe said so, though we didn’t know he was a biologist) may or may not be qualified to serve on the highest court in the land.

At least this is the thought process of the beasties and the media. The highest court in the land? Hell, the SCOTUS is supposed to be simply an appellate court reached only when a federal law is appealed on grounds of law, not facts. In other words, these nine ordinary lawyers, and that’s all they are, are not according to the sacrosanct, albeit fictitious “founders,” supposed to do anything but sit on their asses most of the time.

But who knew? Who knew that hidden in the mind of these angelic holders of the high order of the law, the “founders,” that their gloriosa scriptum would hide in secret, a “living” code making The SCOTUS the final authority and indeed, themselves, The Law of the Land?  If Moses could only have waited a few thousand years, he would have the real deal. If he just hadn’t hit that dang rock!

But, now with the current hearings, as with most previous ones, we have learned something new, though conceived by the beasts and media of low brain-wave output: that now it is a must that judges have not only law degrees, not that that really matters, but from now on they must be biologists. How else will they be able to determine the men’s room from the ladies’ room?

Probably another qualifier could be that all must be capable artists as talented as Hunter Biden. That would assure the people they could tell black from white.

By Paul Yarbrough

Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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Featured photo by C-SPAN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons