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Woman To Woman… What Is A Woman? Hmmm, Let’s Ask A Woman

For years, “trans activists” have told us that being a woman has nothing to do with your anatomy.  Having certain biological traits does not define your sex.  Your anatomy says you are nothing but “a menstruator” or “a person with a vulva.”  It’s all about how you identify that makes you a woman.

But just the other day, while being questioned by Senator Marcia Blackburn, the new Supreme Court Nominee made a shocking admission: the definition of “a woman” depends on biology!

Senator Blackburn: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?”

Judge Jackson: “Not — in this context, I’m not a biologist.”

I wonder if Joy Behar heard that.  Joy gets a trill up her leg every time the name “Ketanji Brown Jackson” gets mentioned – very much like Chris Matthews did when he talked about Barak Obama.   Considering how deeply liberal pundits love their politicians, you got to feel for their spouses.

But back to our Judge Jackson – by claiming that only a biologist can define the term “woman,” surely, she disqualified herself from being a Supreme Court Justice.  Correct? But that “slip up” went unnoticed by the media.  Any conservative nominee would’ve lost their Twitter privileges by now for saying sex is a biological concept even as a joke.  But not a liberal icon.

The truth is: the left couldn’t care less about your “identification.”  What matters is your ideology.  While lecturing us that “biological sex is a myth,” they sell their “trans women are women” narrative by making “trans” disappear.  Here is NBC’s attempt in “creative editing,” making Lia Thomas’ fraud more palatable by convincing their readers Thomas is a real woman because she looks like one.

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Once again, the left exposes themselves for the phonies that they are.  Biology does not matter to them.  But nothing else matters either.  The only thing that matters is their agenda.

Lia Thomas will soon learn how phony her “supporters” are.  And the only thing she needs to do for the insults to come pouring from her “most ardent defenders” is to come out as a Republican.

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