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“Will Smith Just Smacked The S*** Out Of Me”: Oscars Reaches New Lows With Physical Assault On Host Chris Rock (VIDEO)

Nobody watches the Oscars anymore. Last night’s airing of the whatever number we’re on achieved abysmal lows, on account of the humorless and simply mean host (Amy Schumer), the moral corruption in Hollywood (i.e. letting Harvey Weinstein do his thing and the whole pedo thing), and for the basic fact that regular, hard-working Americans have lost interest in listening to and celebrating clueless, out-of-touch millionaire brats pontificate on issues of global and political importance. 

It’s all too much.

In case you were wondering how much pandering would happen, just consider the fact that Ukrainian flags were everywehere (meaning nationalism is okay again, as long as it isn’t for America), a queer black woman won the Best Supporting Actor award (note: it’s fine if she won for being the best actress, but we know that’s not the case; she’s the Ketanji Brown Jackson of acting), and the Academy is celebrating the first win by a deaf person for an Oscar. And that doesn’t include this awful moment:

Yikes. So, since no one watched the Oscars for obvious reasons, they most likely missed an INSANE moment when the lunatic Will Smith ran up on stage and smacked the daylights out of host Chris Rock after the latter joked about the former’s wife’s hairstyle.

Let’s just watch this magical moment first:

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The U.K.’s Daily Mail had the bizarre run-down in a bullet-pointed list:

  • “Will Smith won his first Academy Award ever after a stunning on-stage meltdown where he hit the host 
  • Smith slapped Oscars presenter Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head 
  • Pinkett Smith has openly suffered from hair loss condition alopecia, and appeared upset by the live TV gag 
  • Her actor husband initially appeared to laugh but then ran on to stage seconds later and slapped Mr Rock 
  • Oscars’ stunned host was seen rubbing his face and said: ‘Wow, Will Smith just smacked the s**t out of me’ 
  • The audience and viewers initially believed it was all part of the joke until the actor’s meltdown continued 
  • He returned to his seat and began yelling repeatedly at Rock: ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth’ 
  • 40 minutes later he was handed Best Actor gong and sobbed as he apologised to Academy but not to Rock”

It’s all crazy, right? You know what gets even crazier? Will Smith returned on stage a little while later to accept his Best Actor Oscar! He wasn’t arrested, wasn’t asked to leave, nothing. He returned to his seat and barked a few times at Rock, then just hung out as if nothing happened before going back up to get his fist ever Best Oscar. What a world.

Needless to say, there were some great takes on Twitter.

Clay Travis wrote:

“Honestly, Chris Rock taking an open handed undefended hit live on TV from a dude way bigger than him and finishing the awards presentation is the most impressive thing he’s ever done in his career.”

Matt Walsh then tweeted:

“Will Smith will not tolerate other men making jokes about his wife. He will however tolerate other men having sex with his wife. This is a man of principle.”

Tim Pool added this:

“Black lives matter… unless Will Smith is slapping them.  Is that the new rule?  It’s hard to keep up.”

And a few randoms included these mentions:

“Glad Chris Rock didn’t tell a joke about Alec Baldwin’s wife.”

“I’m tripping that you can assault someone on live television on stage at the Oscars and just take your seat and watch the rest of the show.”

“Will Smith’s marriage is open to EVERYTHING except jokes.”