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In Your Face – Ron DeSantis Shows Why He’s The GOP’s Next In Line [Video]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed us once again yesterday why he’s not only the top governor in the country, but why he’s the heir apparent to be the leader of the Republican Party whenever Donald Trump decides to step aside. DeSantis doesn’t just talk about fighting back in the culture war, he acts, and he does so unapologetically.

At a lengthy ceremony in Spring Hill, Florida on Monday, DeSantis signed into law the state’s parental rights act that the left across the country has been trying to stigmatize as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” The bill was nothing of the sort, DeSantis and his allies in the Florida legislature never backed away from the left’s relentless attempts to demonize them, and DeSantis didn’t just sign the bill in some quiet setting, he did it with all of the hoopla we’ve come to expect from our nation’s youngest governor:

The ceremony lasted for over an hour, and DeSantis was accompanied by a dozen guests, most of whom spoke at the podium along with DeSantis (the full video can be found here). Consider some of the highlights:

– Among the twelve guests were two different parents, which is what this bill is about in the first place: parental rights.

– As DeSantis signed the bill, he was surrounded by a group of uniformed school children within the age group of children that this law protects.

– Did the school children fully understand the impact of the bill that DeSantis signing? Probably not, but that’s the whole point. There are more appropriate and important things to be teaching kids about at that age, and they are the ones who are being protected.

– DeSantis welcomed the media coverage, and his remarks, as usual were spot-on and played well to those in attendance.

This bill which is now law was never about “Don’t Say Gay.” The law is about protecting children from leftist indoctrination. It mentions neither the word “gay” nor the word “homosexual,” and merely prohibits public school teachers from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation to kids in the third grade and younger. It’s not only a wholly appropriate bill, it’s a necessary one. But what really stood out about DeSantis’ signing yesterday was the way in which he did it. The pomp and circumstance of it all.

DeSantis used a similar approach when he unabashedly signed an anti-vax-mandate bill into law last November, paying homage to the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon by holding that ceremony in the town of Brandon, Florida. When the governor signed a bill to preserve election integrity last May, a law that the left attacked as racist and asserting it would result in voter suppression, DeSantis signed the bill live on Fox and Friends, giving that network and show an exclusive.

Ron DeSantis isn’t just a conservative, he’s an “in your face” conservative. He makes no bones about his values, and he doesn’t shy away from conflict when it comes his way. This is how all conservatives need to behave. Don’t be bashful about conservatism. Don’ make apologies and don’t try to play nice. State the facts, make your case on why you’re doing what you’re doing, and stick to your guns. Say it loud, and say it proud… like Ron DeSantis.

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By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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