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Criminal Thugs Descend Upon Florida Beaches, Police Arrest Over 150 Perps and Seize Scores Of Firearms

Panama City, Florida has long been a desirable destination for college-age spring breakers. It boasts of beautiful weather and beautiful beaches, which subsequently attract beautiful people. It’s the perfect trifecta. And let’s be honest, given those conditions, sometimes spring break among kids often goes a little too far.

However, standard spring break shenanigans gave way to all out criminal insanity this past weekend. And no, Joy Reid, it wasn’t privileged white kids spending their parents’ money on escalated escapades. It was throngs of unruly and uncivilized black youths wreaking havoc for havoc’s sake. Given the scant corporate media coverage of this and other cities being ravaged by the same criminal elements, this should come as no surprise. Protect the narrative at all costs.

A few video feeds captured the utter lawlessness and criminality:

It is absolutely disgusting what took place. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office, which has jurisdiction over the area and responded to the lawlessness, posted this message on its Facebook Page on March 28th:

“During the weekend, 161 individuals were booked into the Bay County Jail by all law enforcement agencies. Of the 161 individuals booked into the Jail Facility, 78 were from Alabama. Over the weekend, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to 859 calls for service, 548 of those calls were from the beach zones.

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The BCSO arrested 77 adults and 5 juveniles, a total of 82 arrests. A majority of these arrests were for illegal firearms charges. 75 firearms were seized by law enforcement.”

Reread that last part: 75 firearms were seized. The following image was also posted to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, alongside the previous message. Look at what 75 confiscated firearms means:

Local Police Chief J.R. Talamantez had this to say about the weekend-long disaster:

“What we saw this past weekend is absolutely unacceptable. Period.

The crowd that has been here this weekend, there is [sic] no words that can describe the way they have behaved themselves, conducted themselves, and the amount of laws they have broken.

I personally encountered an individual holding an AR-15 who is now in custody.

These are the type of individuals that we’re facing. Throwing beer bottles at police officers. Shooting right down the road. There were blue lights up and down the road as these shootings took place. The blatant disregard for public safety that these individuals are having will not be tolerated.”

Fox News added that Panama City’s mayor, Mark Sheldon, said the crime was not caused by the spring breakers, but by criminals who came out under the shroud of the crowds. 

If we’re being honest, what else do we expect? Will Smith, Jussie Smollett, BLM looters, and even the application of law by the likes of Kim Foxx (who lets murderers walk by calling them mutal combatants) and Brandon’s SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson (who feels bad for convicted pedophiles) have all taught us that selfish, self-serving, criminal behavior ought to be tolerarted. Fortunately, these youths were arrested…but what happens next? It will be interesting to see what type of prosecution they face. We will stay tuned for that.