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Teacher Goes On Disgusting Rant, Tells Conservative Students To “Jump Off A Bridge”

I don’t know what else it will take for parents to pull their kids from government indoctrination centers. Seriously, what else do they have to do?

As a result of Florida’s doesn’t-go-far-enough bill that at least prevents five-year-olds from being exposed to gender identity, the left has absolutely lost its collective mind and exposed its open agenda that is pro-grooming, pro-sexualization, and pro-brainwashing of young children. 

That should be enough right there to prove how corrupted our government schools are, but then recall that the Daily Wire breoke a story of how the rape of a teenage girl was covered up as a result of identity politcking in Virginia schools. That’s also bad news, but even then we are barely scratching the surface. 

Another story circulated among conservative outlets, such as the Daily Caller, that one Texas fourth-grade teacher proudly claimed that “20 Fourth Graders Out Of [Her] 32 Students Identify As LGBTQ.” This is beyond disgusting – and damaging. How do kids even know about this other than being force fed woke identity politics on the daily?

Basically, if you type basic keywords into a search engine – such as “teacher arrested…minor” – you get hits for days. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to note that each day a new story breaks on the disgusting actions of teachers against young people. 

That brings me to this video, originally shared to social media (and quickly deleted), back in November of 2021. Note: I tried looking up an update to the situation, but nothing was readily available. Is she still employed? Was she fired? Regardless, can you imagine if a teacher made a comment to Democrats or supporters of BLM? Needless to say, we’d know instantly what was going on. 

As bad as grooming kids is, I dare say suggesting they off themselves is worse. Take a listen:

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Fox News allegedly acquired a more complete transcript of the video. They reported the following dialogue:

“The Paso Robles Conservative club for the high school, you can go jump off a bridge. I’m going to post what they thought was a great show of support for the veterans, who I’m pretty sure would be absolutely offended by what they did on school campus,” Bauer Speck Elementary School teacher Kristin Usilton said in a video that appears to be filmed in a classroom and recently posted on her Instagram account. She was taking issue with a student waving a “F— Joe Biden” flag on a school parking lot last week. 

“And had the LGBTQ population done that or the Black or the Hispanic community members, we would have had our a– chewed out. Look at what they did today,” she continued in the video of the conservative club. 

She then showed a short clip of students ahead of Veterans Day waving American and military flags on the Paso Robles High School parking lot, according to the local outlet. One of the students also had a “F— Joe Biden” flag.”

Pull your kids out today. I can’t think of a better way to raise kids than keeping them out of government schools.