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A Rare Instance of the MSM Covering Black on Black Crime

There would normally be nothing that would get me to comment on the Academy Awards.  And then last Sunday happened.  I got sucked right into this orgy of celebrity sewage when the MSM actually reported about a black-on-black crime – with gusto.

It seems Chris Rock was on the stage telling jokes about the attendees, just as he was paid to do.  It was just a normal night of self-righteous celebrity bloviating until Rock told a joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada’s shaved head.  Smith initially laughed.  But upon seeing the expression on his wife’s face, he mounted the stage and struck Rock with an open hand.

It was not a sucker punch as no fist was involved.  There’s no delicate way to describe it.  Will Smith b*tch slapped Chris Rock – live on national TV.  Then the two exchanged profanities with each other.  The whole thing is guaranteed to be a tremendous ratings boost for next year’s awards.

After that, the night continued as if nothing had happened.  Smith even won an Oscar and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

To summarize:  Will Smith was upset that Chris Rock implied that Jada was butch in her choice of hairstyle – even though everybody knows she’s the more butch of the two Smiths present.  I guess it’s impolite to notice.  It’s a good thing Smith pulled this stunt at the Oscars and not the corner bar in my neighborhood.  The consequences may have been a bit different than a standing ovation.

When I watched the replay, I had a couple of different reactions.  My first was: Oh boy, there’s going to be a duel!  That is after all the only time when it’s acceptable for a manly man to slap another man’s face with an open hand.  But when no matching pistols were produced, my disappointment was followed by my second thought: Don’t stop now!  There are plenty of other people in the room that could use a good firm slap to the face.

Amy Schumer promised to leave the United States forever if Donald Trump were ever elected.  Yet there she was, at the Oscars – which I believe are still held in the country she promised to leave.  That should rate at least one slap.  Though I suspect if Will Smith were to deliver it, she’d give him a beat down of epic proportions – and a display of white privilege for the history books.

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Alec Baldwin is still lecturing the rest of us about gun control, even after he shot and killed a member of his own crew – and then acted as if he were the victim.  Surely that rates a bit of corporal punishment.

Leonardo DiCaprio is still yapping about global warming – or is it climate change this week, I forget.  He’s demanding that we give up our cars and freeze to death in the winter to save the planet that he promised would perish 20 years ago.  It’s a slap to our face every time he boards a private jet to attend an environmental conference in Switzerland.

I think Sally “You Rally Like Me” Field should get a light tap to the face.  Nothing painful.  Just enough to let her know that we really don’t care one way or another about her.

At the 2020 Academy Awards, Spike Lee demanded that we do the moral thing and choose love over hate – by voting against Trump, whom he hated.  Hey Spike, where were you this year?  You could have lectured your colleagues not to hate, or hit, each other.

After that, Smith could have just stationed himself on stage like a gargoyle and slapped anybody that said anything other than “thank you.”

The incident does tell us a lot about Will Smith, and none of it screams “maturity.”  Given that the left has a somewhat flexible view of reality, what does Smith think about himself.  More specifically, what does he identify as.

Does he identify as a prepubescent boy?  The lack of self-control and the nature of the assault would support that.  I mean come on man; I haven’t seen a boy slap another boy since the third grade.

Does he identify as the household cuckold?  Given his acceptance of Jada’s sexual habits, he clearly doesn’t identify as the alpha male.  [Note: I’m braced for a good slapping if I ever meet Smith in public.]

Surely, he doesn’t self-identify as the man of the house.  Mature men are not goaded into acts of violence by their girl.  That’s a school boy thing to do – with emphasis on the “boy.”  On the extremely rare occasions when violence is appropriate, spousal permission is not required, and said violence is never applied with an open hand.

The incident also tells us a lot about the people in attendance.  The appropriate response to the attack would have been

  • Have security escort Smith out of the building immediately
  • Report the incident to the police
  • Remain silent when it was announced that Smith had won an award

Their standing ovation, for a man who had just committed assault in front of them, tells us everything we need to know about the moral bankruptcy of the Hollywood glitterati.

But rather than what should have happened, we can expect to be lectured by those same celebrities to fight hate in our communities – even though the attack happened in their community, not ours.

We’ll soon get word that Will Smith has entered treatment for his anger management issues.  We’ll learn that he suffered great trauma while becoming a celebrity on the set of Fresh Prince.

The Reverend Al Sharpton will arrive on the scene soon to provide marital counseling to the Smiths.  Tragically, they are suffering great trauma from the incident.

As for me, I hope to go back to being blissfully ignorant of anything that happens on Oscar’s big night.

By John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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