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“I’M NOT BACKING DOWN!”: Florida’s Ron DeSantis Torches Woke Mob With His Best Ad Yet

Ron DeSantis is the man. The Man. It still boggles my mind that Florida came within .4% of having the cocaine-laced, presumably-corrupt, and absolutely-inept Andrew Gillum in the governor’s mansion. The country’s hands-down best conservative governor eked out a 49.6%-49.2% victory in 2018. That’s just crazy to think about and hopefully a nonissue in 2024.

In his latest ad, what I am referring to as his best one ever given the subject matter, DeSantis lights up every woke and leftist loser (redundant) with an absolute powerhouse video. Although many of us saw previous headlines of DeSantis’ latest legislation, few likely saw each speaker. DeSantis gives them – parents, teachers, etc. – a chance to shine with passion and common sense when it comes to protecting and preserving children.

Here is the ad in its entirety:

“As many of you know, I think the last couple of years have really revealed to you as parents that they are being ignored increasingly across our country when it comes to their kids’ education.”

What a powerful introduction. After the voiceover is complete, the ad turns to non-political entities. This is what makes DeSantis different. It’s not a video featuring him; it’s a video featuring his constituents. An attack in Ron is therefore an attack on traditional moms and dads and Americans. (Just one more reminder that the left hates you).

One of the featured speakers used in the video points out such an obvious rebuttal to anyone getting their knickers in a bunch:

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“There’s not a single study in the entire world that says when parents are actively involved in their child’s education that outcomes don’t increase. Does not exist. It is an absolute truth.”

After hearing several speakers attack the utter insanity and cruelty of the opposition to this legislation, DeSantis gives a remark that everyone believes. He isn’t just saying these things – he’s acting on them.

“I don’t care what corporate media outlets say. I don’t care what Hollywood says. I don’t care what big corporations say. Here I stand. I’m not backing down.”

For the life of me, I don’t know why every conservative isn’t running on this exact issue. This is the issue. The left went for broke on this diabolical plan of grooming children, and it is a bridge too far. As much as I hate Critical Race Theory, I hate this garbage more.

Every politician worth a lick should be enacting the exact same protections in their districts, be it at a local school board, city council, state house, or governor’s mansion. The fact that our RINO simps in D.C. have nary whispered a peep in Ron’s defense shows the level of cowardice and sedition among our own ranks.

If we cannot fight for our children, then we are not willing to fight for anything. Good for Ron. And shame on everyone else not standing up to this heinous madness.

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