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Hypocrisy: Parent Is Cut-Off At School Board Meeting For Reading Obscenity… But What Was She Reading? (VIDEO)

Imagine a school system where it is inappropriate to read to a School Board from a book the school provides for students because “students” might be watching the School Boards live feed?

[T]he parent reads an explicit passage from the book, at which point a board member, Patsy Jordan, cuts her off. The member lectured her that children could be watching the meeting, and the selection was inappropriate under those circumstances. Incredulous, the mom shot back, “Don’t you find the irony in that? You’re saying exactly what I’m telling you. You’re giving it to our children.” It seems the concept of irony is lost on the current Cherokee County School Board.

PJ Media reports that the school system’s process for removing a book that is inappropriate makes it impossible to remove a book. The system is rigged by the same board that prohibited the parent from reading content made available to students because it is obscene.

The scary part about this is that these incidents are common, more frequent than we know, and like the secret transitioning of children, illegal.

We’ve shared a handful of them over the years, all with the same results.

Parents get outraged, go to the school board, and the board ignores the complaints or makes excuses. Activists claim that calls to remove obscene material are book banning or book burning or censorship. Parents try to mobilize to replace board members but this takes several election cycles before a board majority can be flipped and at the end of the day the Left is better and more enflamed more often and for longer to keep their majority.

While that is still the best way, you are not out of options.

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Most political subdivisions have obscenity laws and school boards aren’t the only members of a community that can call the police and file a report.

Check local laws. You may find that the content or the activity (transitioning students or giving them hormone blockers) might just be illegal activity. If it is, file a complaint and try to get it investigated.

Talk to state-level elected leaders as has been the case in Florida. Leftists are losing their minds to the point that they are defending the sexualization of young children. It’s not every day you can get politicians and activists to expose their flanks that easily.

An adult obsessed with talking to little kids about sex should be on the sex-offender registry.

As for the parents of the Cherokee County School System, they spent some time investigating what the school district thought was appropriate in a school library. They found,

  • Numerous graphic sexual assaults
  • Continuous graphic child sexual abuse
  • Explicit prostitution
  • Explicit descriptions of drunkenness and alcoholism
  • Promotion of atheism
  • Promotion of shoplifting and other crimes
  • Bigotry toward the black community
  • Child abuse, abandonment, and neglect
  • Extreme spousal abuse

I can see leftists not pretending to give a damn about that other stuff but bigotry toward the black community? They let that slide?

By Steve MacDonald

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Managing Editor and co-owner of, a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.