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Six Outrageous Videos Posted By The “Libs Of TikTok”

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative share and discuss six recently shared videos by our friends over at Libs of TikTok, who expose leftists every day for the selfish, deranged, and cruel people they are.

#6: A woman planning to get an abortion dances gleefully in a shared video.

Parker: This is the most disturbing video on our list, by far, and I am leading with it to make sure everyone reading the article has the exposure to the utter wretchedness of feminism, leftism, and postmodernism. To summarize, a deranged lunatic is planning on murdering her unborn baby and feels great enough about it to both dance AND brag about it on social media.

She captions the video: “Decide if you pregnant but you killing the baby.” What a monster.

#5: Two thieves in Oakland rob a man of his backpack in broad daylight.

PF: This one is downright disturbing, particularly considering the setting. The brazenness is remarkable. It’s unclear exactly where in the city this incident took place, but it’s safe to say it happened somewhere with plenty of people around. We can see a car drive slowly by, with the driver presumably observing the robbery. We can hear someone shouting. And there’s at least one non-participant onlooker. But the robbers weren’t the least bit deterred, apparently.

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Such is life in a state and city run by far-left officials. Rhetoric from politicians in California on the topic of crime almost always consists of a combination of these points: 1) if you’re not a millionaire, and particularly if you’re a racial minority, you are a victim, 2) capitalism, and therefore private property, are fundamentally evil concepts, and 3) law enforcement, particularly police, are the problem, not criminals.  

There is one aspect of this video that is inspiring, however: The resilience of the man being robbed. He’s holding onto that backpack as if his life savings is in it, and he’s not letting go for anything. Bravo, sir, well done. Now, consider taking whatever belongings you have left and moving to a city and state that takes crime seriously… before it’s too late.  

#4: A self-identifying Two-Spirit posts an erratic video.

Parker: The term “mental illness” gets tossed around a little too casually these days, and to describe this next person as mentally ill either does the term itself a disservice or does not adequately capture the confusion suffered by the individual. What is the correct word? Psychotic? Schizophrenic? Dangerous? Honestly we are running out of words for these folks. 

I don’t even know what some of her gibberish means:

“I identify as Two-Spirit. And have my relationship with my divine masculine and my divine feminine, are very omnipresent every single day. I have very much an embodiment of male and female energy that doesn’t sway.

To all my other trans family I want you to know that I see you. And I love you. That this universe is undergoing an immense reconstruction right now. But that we’ve got this. As long as we continue to stand together and to stand in our truths.

But I can promise your lack of education is harming you and harming your ability to connect with yourself. Your true self.”

I feel connected to myself and reality just fine, sister. Or is it brother? Sister-brother?

#3: A grammar school teacher in Florida explains her plan to defy new law on parents’ rights.

PF: There are two types of people who adamantly oppose the recently enacted Florida law protecting parents’ rights with children in the third grade and younger. First, we have those who haven’t read the bill and believe the lies the left have been spreading with their narrative that it’s a “Don’t Say Gay” law. It’s nothing of the sort, and these people are merely ignorant. They may be militaristic in their ignorance, but they’re ignorant, nonetheless. And then we have folks like the woman in this video.

Imagine this scenario: A five-year-old girl comes to school and mentions to this teacher that she thinks she’s homosexual or transgender. Five-year-old kids are lucky if they can tie their own shoes, let alone understand their own, non-existent sexuality. She’s at least six years away from having the hormones necessary for such inclinations to manifest themselves. But not only is this teacher likely to embrace and promote such ridiculousness with that child, she’s also adamant that she’ll hide that interaction from the girl’s parents. With Florida’s new law, such action is forbidden, and rightfully so.

This teacher isn’t ignorant, she knows damned well what she’s doing. She wants to indoctrinate children with her values. She wants to totally dismiss a parent’s right to counsel their small child on critical, perhaps life-changing questions they may have. This teacher is not concerned with the students, she’s concerned with her own, leftwing, woke agenda, and nothing more. 

#2: A school district issues affirmative policy on students engaging as “Furries.”

Parker: When we describe certain elements of the population as animals (i.e. murderous criminals, child rapists, etc.) we usually do so as a way to highlight their subhuman behaviors. It’s deserving and absolutely the correct assessment. Now, one school district is adopting the approach that humans can act like animals. Literally.

Some things just need to be watched:

“INSANE: Multiple parents have come forward with information on @WaunakeeCSD’s “furry protocol.” The school reportedly lets students identify and act like furries. I called the school and they immediately got hostile and refused to answer if they indeed have a furry policy.”

Reminder #5,024,103…pull your kids out of public school.

#1: A woman explains her plan to have gender-change surgery because some of her other personalities identify as male.

PF: Leftism is more than just an annoyance or something to be laughed at, it has real-world consequences that are often tragic. Such is the case with the poor soul in this video.

When this woman refers to her “DID System,” she is calling out the fact that she suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means she has multiple personalities. Apparently, some of her personalities believe they are transgender men, and therefore, “We’ve decided to transition.” This is a heartbreaking video to watch.

DID is a mental disorder, and so is gender identity disorder, or what is now being called gender dysphoria – the condition with which transgender people are afflicted. The woman in this video is mentally ill, and true compassion demands that she receive the intense attention of psychiatrists and medication. Instead, thanks to leftist values being shoved down our throats, this woman believes the prudent thing for her and her other personalities to do is to permanently mutilate her body. This story is beyond sad.

Woke leftists have been doing everything possible to normalize transgenderism, and this is the predictable result. People with gender dysphoria – that is, those who believe they are the opposite of their biological gender – suffer from a disorder. It is no more appropriate to play along with the fantasies of a transgender person and agree that they are indeed a member of another gender than it is to pretend that this women’s alternate personalities are genuine people. They’re not. She is one person. She is a woman. She needs help. And allowing this woman to follow through with physician-assisted self-mutilation is not compassion, it’s cruelty.

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