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“The Dumbest Tweet Of All Time”: Twitter Torches Perennial Loser David Hogg Over 2A Comment

Parkland High alum David Hogg has not done much with his life since experiencing an admittedly horrific and unfathomable terror. Look, politics aside, what Nikolas Cruz did that day is horrendous. Full stop. I am sorry for the victims and the families of victims.

However, it’s been really hard to sympathize with some of the survivors since almost the very beginning. People process traumatic events differently, but when kid victims lecture the entire nation over Constitutional rights with which they disagree and have no historical or contextual understanding of – nor grasp basic human nature and common sense – it comes across not as processing grief and horror and rather just…self-aggrandizement.

Remember this picture?

These were kids that suffered terribly and our corporate media and politicians with tyrannical impulses pounced on the opportunity to seize liberties. Note they didn’t try to counsel victims, seek to understand how their own policies enabled the psychotic Cruz to remain in the general education setting, or do anything worthwhile; no, they propped up a few idiot kids who said the right things. 

Hogg has lived a life of complete failure since that day, and based on his undeserved sense of self-worth and self-promotion, has brought about every bit of it on himself. He failed to get into college. Although, Harvard eventually accepted him because…because? He launched a disastrous pillow company to rival Mike Lindell. And he yearns for attention on Twitter.

In his latest effort to promote some insane and nonsensical worldview that guns are responsible for peoples’ murderous intentions, he offered this nugget, quickly labeled as the dumbest tweet of all time. And that is really saying something. 

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Can you even make sense of such nonsense? Is it even worth trying?

Scrolling through Hogg’s thread produced a few weak defenses trying to pretend he meant it sarcastically or agreeing with the comment, but overall this failure of a kid couldn’t escape being drastically ratioed. Here are just a few of the comments:  

“The last time I checked, unless it’s in self-defense, killing humans was still illegal… has that changed?”

“Make sure to tell Cruz he shoulda paid the state for a piece of paper before coming to school that morning and all woulda been forgiven.”

“What if we made murder illegal? That could work.”

“This is what Harvard education will get you.”

“The government would kill a citizen if they didn’t pay a speeding ticket and that person refused to be arrested for it eventually. You mean that license?”

“Simple reality check from here in Canada where you do need a license to own a gun…. 99.8% of the people that commit violence with them have them illegally. So the idea that gun control is the solution to violent crime is a flawed argument.”

“What’s it like being the least intelligent person in every college class you take?”

Hogg seems like the type of person that will never learn from his mistakes. Since getting in front of that first microphone, he has had all the answers he ever needed. What a pathetic, stunted existence.