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[WATCH] Thugs Try To Rob 76-Year Old At ATM, But They Get More Than They Bargained For

A 76-year-old man in Broward County, Florida recently went to a nearby ATM to withdraw some cash. While facing the ATM, two goons approached the victim from behind in an attempt to take the man’s money. But this senior citizen wasn’t the easy target the thugs had counted on, as the man effectively fought off the would-be muggers.

Check out this security footage that was released by the Coconut Creek Police Department:

On the hierarchy of scummy-ness with regards to criminals, the most contemptible are those who prey on children. Fortunately, prison communities have their own curious honor code for those who perpetrate such crimes, and other convicts go after such offenders behind bars with utter brutality. It’s like a self-policing morality among felons. But second on the ‘despicability index’ is most certainly those who feed on the aged.

It’s difficult not to smile when we see how this man handled himself and think about the stories he’s probably telling his grandkids about the incident. Good for him, he should be proud of his tenacity. But this incident also tells another tale and one which is much more troubling.

For every 76-year-old who can pull off this type of resistance, there are many more who would not have been so lucky. Time takes its toll, and the older we get the less capable we are of defending ourselves as this man did. Imagine if this man had failed in his struggle. And imagine if that money was all he had to put food on his table for the week. And imagine if those punks had been more persistent and more violent, and this man had ended up in the hospital; or worse.

That is the type of society we’re heading for with our current trajectory. When our economy falters, criminals tend to become more desperate in their criminality and less discerning in choosing whom to pursue. And the rhetoric and actions we’ve seen from public officials over the last few years are inviting these types of crimes.

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We have a nominee to the Supreme Court who is proud of her record of letting pedophiles off the hook with ridiculously light sentences. We have District Attorneys like Chesa Boudin who are so soft on crime that they are headed for a recall vote in the most leftwing of all cities: San Francisco. And, of course, we have prominent Democrats who inexplicably advocate for the notion of ‘Defund the Police.’

Yes, we know that this incident happened in Florida and that the state’s governor is as far from soft-on-crime as we can get. But Ron DeSantis wasn’t the cause here. Two young criminals decided to go after an old man, and such crimes are attempted virtually every day across the country. The problem is the twisted mindset that seems to be taking over much of our society. The problem is the leftwing mentality that asserts criminals are actually victims. The problem is a total void of common sense among many of our friends on the left.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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