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America: Asleep At The Wheel As She Heads Toward A Cliff

I have never seen a student transfer from journalism school to the physics department.

Actually, the political science, art history, and business and law students don’t transfer there either. Qualifications for government positions are rather simple. Intellectual acuity is not required.  No independent thought is allowed and don’t fondle her tomatoes.  It also helps to have daddy donate heavily to a political party or university fund. The Yankee schools that provide the vast majority of our ‘crats exist on their own propaganda and grants.  This system greatly eases the transition to a government sinecure for junior thus opening the path to a life of insider trading and other marvelous benefits that have accrued in Daddys’ Rolodex.

The average politician in DC was a small-town lawyer writing wills and defending drunk drivers.  While this life provides a nice income it is not exactly life in the fast lane.  His friends gathered him up and provided the backing to be elected in an off-year.  The required trip to DC to humble oneself before the court of the lobbyists for their money is just a small bump in the road to power and money.

It takes a strong man to avoid the heady atmosphere in DC.  The new members are inundated with new “friendships” with people they have seen on TV.  The fawning young girls on the make are quite enticing as well.  Discreet pictures and emails are filed for further use by the behind-the-scenes staff.  Parties with drugs and sex are the icing on the cake for the indoctrination of the rookies. These congressmen are not exactly Hollywood dreamboat types.  They are totally unused to being fawned over by attractive females on the make which quickly erodes any personal standards left standing after the initial assault. Power in the caucus system devolves on who can put the most money in the campaign war chest of his own party in return for a seat on a prestigious committee.

Our government is in a race to bleed as much money as possible into a politician’s pocket before the next election.  The idea of “doing some good” fades rapidly into the rearview mirror.  The money that is bandied about in these spending bills as kickback opportunities is astounding to an ordinary citizen.  A few years in this atmosphere is enough to turn Mahatma Gandhi into Joe Bribe ‘em.

Where does this type of poorly educated avaricious placeholder leave us in regard to our domestic programs and international relations?  Obama believes we are a union of 57 states and that the populace of Vienna speaks Austrian.  Sadly he is an accurate representation of our “educated class”.  The press in the White House are 30 years old and know nothing according to Obamas’ Deputy National Security advisor.  This of course means that they repeat nothing other than the questions handed to them by the management of their newspaper or network.

Across town, every agency is either filled with incompetents or they have been coopted for a fee.  Here are some recent examples.  The FAA has the Boeing testing scandal. The CDC and National Institute of Health have sold their signatures for a fat job position as well as a remunerative position with a drug company.  The Defense Department is just another revolving door awarding jobs to those in the military who have delivered armament contracts to the appropriate manufacturer. The courts are totally compromised by political appointees that ignore massive criminality based on ones political party.  The Federal Reserve has members that insider trade in a manner that would have you in jail overnight.  The FBI is a militant enforcement wing of the socialist/democrat party.  Planting evidence or assassination is all in a days’ work at the justice department.

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The above swindles and criminal abuse of your tax money only benefit our ruling class.  Most of our government employees do not receive the big kickback.  However, 50% of them are not necessary as the workload is infinitesimal.  These people feel very comfortable when there is no requirement for innovation or independent thought. They use a clipboard procedure for all activity. These procedures can easily be modified to address the trend of the week.  Do you want 27.25% colored people in the job classification? Do you want a transsexual transvestite in every department?  No problem!  Will all the forms get filled out daily?  Probably not but we can just hire another body, so who cares.

All of these benefits to the rulers have accrued while you have been sleeping.  We now see that the Wall Street bankers have totally consumed the western world economically and are now on the verge of completing their conquest politically and socially.  This type of society has never been restrained through “getting out to vote in November” only by the blade.

The Madame

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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