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Evidence Mounts that the World has Gone Insane

When we went from 2 weeks to flatten the COVID curve, to 2 years of economic destruction and antisocial behavior, for no discernable scientific reason, I became convinced that the whole world had gone insane.  The anecdotal evidence is still mounting.

Our response to COVID gave us such lunacy as:

  • No use of motorboats, to avoid catching the virus – though non-motorized boats were determined to be safe
  • Masks don’t work, but wear them anyway
  • Close down the churches – because the virus gravitates to churches and away from big box stores
  • Don’t stay out after 9:00 pm – apparently, gangs of roving COVID come out after dark

None of this seemed to tip anyone off that we were all going nuts.  Well, the lockdowns are ending, but the insanity remains.

Vladimir Putin wants reparations for the damage done to Russia by sanctions imposed on him for invading a neighboring country.  That’s not the insane part.  For reparations, he wants Alaska back, and all of the gold medals Russia’s athletes have been cheated out of in the past.  I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming.

I say we give him a counter offer.  We keep Alaska and all of the gold medals – which means we’ll be stuck with Lisa Murkowski for a bit longer.  But we give him Lia Thomas instead – the trans swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania.  That should be tempting.  Why take the gold medals when you can have the gold medal laying goose instead?

We also have a display of insanity in our neighbor to the north – Canada.  Justin Trudeau declared martial law, went into hiding, and had the Mounties stomp people with their horses, because truckers wouldn’t stop honking their horns at him – the horror.  When the world reacted with outrage, he could have shown embarrassment or sought treatment.  Instead, he went to Belgium to lecture the EU Parliament about democracy.  I believe his ears are still burning from their response.

Back home in America, John Kerry is worried that a nuclear war could damage the environment.  Spoiler alert: duh!  I know he thinks that this is some Mensa level of reasoning, but then he also thinks we should save the planet by switching from gasoline-powered cars to coal-powered cars.  He still doesn’t get that electricity is not a power source.  It is a transmission medium bringing power from a coal-burning furnace to a charger in every Tesla owner’s garage.

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It’s hard to say if Biden has lost his marbles in the last two years or if he’s never had them.  But now he’s screaming at Americans that he’s sick of them for not recognizing his genius in managing inflation by wanting to inflate the US debt by another $5 trillion.  It’s an electoral strategy I hadn’t thought of: tell Americans you’re sick of them and call them racists, to get more votes.  Maybe it’s not insane.  It could just be stupid.

Lunacy is not just a political disease.  USA Today has declared a man in drag to be their Woman of the Year.  Not to be outdone, Sports Illustrated did a feature on Lia Thomas.  That would be the “woman” with a penis who just won the NCAA women’s swimming championship.  Fortunately, Sports Illustrated didn’t feature Lia in its swimsuit edition – some things can’t be unseen.

I’ve been pondering how all of this happened in just the last 2 years.  Did months of isolation during the lockdowns destroy our ability to reason?  Did we kill too many brain cells breathing rancid air through masks?  Or is it unrelated to the pandemic?  Are we seeing the fruits of using technology to cheat Darwinian selection?  Have we enabled idiots to not only survive but to thrive and reproduce – and now they outnumber us (and are attracted to political office)?

Charles Krauthammer used to say that he suspected human civilization wouldn’t end with a bang.  His theory was that we wouldn’t end because of an extinction-level volcano or meteor strike.  He thought that mankind would die a quiet death from suicide.  Through insanity or stupidity, we would simply destroy ourselves.  We might prove him right yet.

By John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He currently writes at the American Free News Network and The Blue State Conservative.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

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This article was first published by the American Free News Network.

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay