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Outrageous: These Three GOP Senators Push Biden’s “Pro-Pedophile” SCOTUS Nominee To The Bench

Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AL), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Mitt Romney (R-UT) voted with their immoral Democrat colleagues to pave the way for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to receive a full Senate vote on confirmation and likely path to permanent placement on the high court.

Though this is not a final confirmation – rather, it is a procedural Senate vote paving the way for that – Newsweek and other outlets wrote that the three sellout Senators “are also likely to vote in favor of Jackson’s appointment when a full Senate vote is expected to take place by the end of the week.”

In response to this news, Representative Marjorie Taylo Green (R-MI) tweeted that these three sellout losers were “pro-pedophile.” 

Regarding Murkowski, Collins, and Romney, sadly none of this is a surprise. All three have at various times abandoned traditional American values and principles in order to serve themselves or advance a radical leftist agenda from which they stand to gain. These three are a disgrace.

Nothing about Ketanji Brown Jackson is impressive from a legal standpoint; she has been an affirmative action pick since getting into Harvard undergraduate school. In terms of her judicial philosophy, she is merely an activist who likely despises the U.S. Constitution’s blind impartiality. Taken as a whole, you could pick out a random name in a phonebook and find someone better to rule over Constitutional law and precedent. I wrote about two different highlights from those days here:

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: “When does life begin, in your opinion?”

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JUDGE JACKSON: “Senator, um… I don’t know.”

SEN. BLACKBURN: “Can you provide a definition of the word ‘woman’?”

JACKSON: “No, I can’t”


JACKSON: “I’m not a biologist”

However, her vacuous legal acumen is only a drop in the bucket as to what really disqualifies this nominee. During her brief and media-protected hearings, a few Republican Senators repeatedly pressed Brown Jackson on her viewpoint on basic matters regarding life and reproductive biology. I covered a different presentation of information courtesy of Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) prior to the initiation of her confirmation hearing. Here is what Senator Hawley tweeted at the time:

“Judge Jackson has a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policymaker. She’s been advocating for it since law school. This goes beyond “soft on crime.” I’m concerned that this a record that endangers our children.”

“As far back as her time in law school, Judge Jackson has questioned making convicts register as sex offenders – saying it leads to “stigmatization and ostracism.” She’s suggested public policy is driven by a “climate of fear, hatred & revenge” against sex offenders.”

“It gets worse. As a member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Judge Jackson advocated for drastic change in how the law treats sex offenders by eliminating the existing mandatory minimum sentences for child porn.”

“In the case of United States v. Hawkins, the sex offender had multiple images of child porn. He was over 18. The Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of up to 10 years. Judge Jackson sentenced the perpetrator to only 3 months in prison. Three months.”

Most distressing, information that was buried until the end of her hearings was released by Jack Posobiec. I pulled some of the most horrific and damning information from a piece about that bombshell as well:

“NEW RECORDS: Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases.”

“In 2018, Christopher Michael Downs was busted trading child porn in a chat room, “Pedos Only,” including images of adults raping “a prepubescent female child,” according to court records. He posted 33 graphic photos, including an image of a naked female as young as 2 years old.”

Taken together, it is hard to see how any reasonable, morally-tethered Senator could vote to confirm. Tragically, our Senate is composed of anything but reasonable and morally-tethered people. Soon, our Supreme Court will add a similarly constructed person to their ranks.