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Shocking: Secret Service Insider Reveals Alarming Nature Of Biden’s Frequent Trips To Delaware

Ronald Kessler is a big name in Washington D.C., particularly when it comes to matters of the Secret Service details that protect and defend the President. His book In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect should be required reading for anyone serious about politics.

Kessler has played an important role in knocking down walls of understanding between the lay-American and the ruling class, but the playing of that role might be more important than ever considering the shield provided by the corrupt corporate media. 

The Washington Examiner quoted Kessler the other day making an unsurprising but nevertheless problematic claim:

“What I hear from inside the White House is that Biden’s preoccupation continues to be going back to Wilmington.

“When he comes back on Monday mornings, the first thing he wants to know is when he will be able to return to Wilmington. The assessment of the Secret Service agents on his detail was that he is simply lazy, focused above all else on playing golf and leaving Washington to return to his home in Wilmington!”

Personally, I hold the opinion that Biden’s weekly recusals from the Swamp have less to do with laziness than sheer discomfort at being a demented fool. Patients suffering from Alheizoners or dementia in general prefer being in known places and in places of comfort. Familiarity helps make them feel safe. Despite being a Swamp creature and quite familiar with D.C., Biden will always feel better at his personal home. It seems likely as well he receives medical care away from the media outlets.

Regardless, as bizarre as this retelling of Biden’s habits are, Kessler really gets into more downright disturbing details in a separate interview with Fox’s Jesse Watters. It is an open secret that Biden abuses his position of power pertaining to female staff. Kessler reminded viewers of that in recent interview, in which he said this about the agents assigned to Biden’s detail.  (Author’s note: I could not find a direct video; the previous link will take you to a separate page to watch).

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“There would be no heads up, so they could never plan their lives. They could never have social activities. They never knew during the week when they would be in Wilmington for several days.

But, Biden was even more inconsiderate with his female agents. He would skinny dip in front of female agents both at his home in Wilmington and athis home in Washington, the VP’s residence and he would offend female agents. But of course there was nothing they could do about it. They signed up to take a bullet for Joe Biden – but not to see Joe Biden naked.”

Then he tells an absolute shocker of a story about the travel arrangements of Sleepy Joe in those weekly trips. According to Kessler, Biden would travel without the nuclear football nearby. Often, it would be further than a mile away from him so as to avoid the presidential convoy and give him the appearance of a commoner in a single car. (If you wanted to be a commoner, how about not hold a federally-elected office for fifty years).

As Kessler points out, this could spell utter disaster in the event Biden needed to authorize a nuclear retaliation. By the time the football caught up to the motorcade, an attacking nation or force could have essentially vaporized the entire American coast or major cities across the country.

Surreptitiously going to Wilmington and swimming nude for the sole reason of humiliating female agents is bad enough – but allowing our nuclear response capabilities to be brought to nothing? He is more of a threat to America than we thought.