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[Watch] Joe Biden Is HUMILIATED By Barack Obama’s White House Return, Ignored By Guests And Referred To As Vice President

Barack Obama made a return to the White House last night to revive the dying Democrat brand ahead of midterm elections. It can’t be overlooked that saving Democrats might have to include aborting Brandon, because if anything was accomplished in his first official visit since welcoming Trump at the North Portico, Obama utterly shamed the sitting president.

Does it get worse than this? Watch as the attention-loving Obama flashes his signature smile and speaks with his famous swagger:

“Vice President Biden.” 

Obama went on to say that it was a joke, but watching that moment live did not feel comical in the least. It felt like Obama fell back into old habits. Adoring fans, fawning press, elbow rubbing with national powerbrokers – he was in his element. Notice that he moved on from Joe to Kamala and then had that “Oh sh**” moment. He saved it because he’s a pro, but that was no written joke. That was a slight.

And the evening never got better for Joe.

Two separate videos made the rounds on Twitter following the affair, and both are shameful and embarrassing for the sitting United States President. Has a president ever held such little court? It’s not that he doesn’t have a small circle; he has NO circle. Joe Biden, on more than one occasion, is absolutely lost and alone. He is ignored.

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Painful. Just painful.

Tucker Carlson summed up the evening with the following segment. It is vintage Tucker, cutting to the core of the matter. In short, the ruling class doesn’t see Biden as a leader. They see him as a joke. He is a pawn. He was used to give them back power from Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden is now the most unpopular person in virtually any room he enters. If you doubt it, watch this, this was the scene at the White House today. Take a careful look at this, you’ve never seen anything like it.

That’s the President of the United States, in his own house, shunned. Nobody would talk to him, so Biden wandered off looking vacant as he crowd-formed around a former president,  Barack Obama, who was obviously deeply grateful for the attention. And then it got worse. It got much more poignant than that. Watch Biden try to horn in on the conversation swirling around Obama.

Everyone involved in that conversation, including Kamala Harris, who supposedly works for Biden, ignored Biden completely. Biden desperately tried to get Obama’s attention, he puts his hand on Obama’s shoulder, even calls him Barack, like they’re friends. But Obama blows him off. He acts like Biden’s not even there.

Ask yourself if you have ever seen anything in your life sadder than this.”

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