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Lol: RINO Adam Kinzinger Hosts A Live Stream And Gets Totally Embarrassed

Adam Kinzinger, the RINO that presents himself as a “principled” conservative, pretends that he has a national constituency, a group of people that are very much in support of him fighting conservatives rather than Democrats and waging what looks like holy war on the bad orange man.

But is there really such a constituency for Kinzinger the RINO? No, not really. Republicans want to elect a winner that will fight for them, not some loser RINO that only ever punches right.

So much could be seen when Kinzinger tried appearing on a live stream event at Georgetown University. Under ten people tuned in to watch and a chunk of them were America First patriots just watching as a joke.

That little detail comes from Alex Brueswitz, who’s all aboard the Trump Train and a noted America First activist; according to him, total viewership was just 7 people, including him and a friend, so really only 5 people wanted to watch Kinzinger the RINO.

It’s not surprising; who wants to watch some full of himself peacock strut around while bemoaning how terrible all the people he was elected to work with are and never striking back againt the America-destroying ideologues on the radical left? Liz Cheney perhaps, though even she at least acted conservative when issues weren’t about Trump. Kinzinger can’t even seem to do that.

The comments about the situation, as reported by Wayne Dupree, were hilarious as always. Here are some of the best:

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“Karama is a beautiful thing” 

“Adam needs to find a new job. Maybe feeding pigs”

“This clown thinks he can run against President Trump and win lmao” 

“This warms my heart and just made my day. Thank you!” 

“I heard that during President Trump’s first term in office that he asked President Trump for a job & I guess the President turned him down.”

“He is a JERK, and Has a EGO the size of the earth. Time to bust his Ego. Think tonight helped some”

“Adam…you did this to yourself. You are pathetic Leftist puppet by choice.”

“I love when these RINOs are humiliated. Make sure to mock this loser all day for it” 

Fortunately for all the Kinzinger-haters out there, Adam is soon to be gone; after the midterm elections, he’ll no longer be a representative. Why? Because he’s retiring, unwilling to face a Trump-backed, real conservative in a primary contest.

Trying to hide that and, as always, frame his cowardly decision as virtuous, Kinzinger said:

There’s little to no desire to bridge our differences, and unity is no longer a word we use. It has also become increasingly obvious that in order to break the narrative, I cannot focus on both a reelection to Congress and a broader fight nationwide.”

Trump, at the time Kinzinger announced that, sent out an email saying “2 down, 8 to go!”. The numbers are in reference to the RINOs that voted to impeach him. It’s now 4 RINOs down, 6 to go.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics