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“Has…A Complete Aneurysm”: One Twitter User Asks His Followers To Decipher What Joe Biden Said (WATCH)

I assume every time that Joe Biden gets behind a lectern or in front of a live audience that his handlers are nervous. The man is a walking timebomb of slurred speech and off-the-cuff gaffes.

On second thought, they knew exactly who and what he was in 2020 and still accelerated him to the White House. Mistakes or not, 81 million people allegedly voted for him. His team knows he could go into a coma in October 2024 and people would still vote for him. They also know that Kamala waits in the wings; turns out she was the best insurance policy of all time.

That being said, they should be nervous. He almost called for regime change in Russia. That wasn’t a good deal. One of these times he could do some real damage. Relatedly, every time he opens his mouth it reminds every other world power that there is a clueless dunce leading America. We have already seen how that has played out on the world stage.

What kind of Joe will show up? No one ever knows.

Benny, the handle for a prominent conservative presence in the Twittersphere, captured one of those head-in-hands moments and put his followers to the test: Decipher what Biden just said. Think you can do it? Take a watch:

I’ll kick things off, because Biden is able to say “you know what it is, most people don’t” before trailing off into the ether.

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Some snarky leftists (redundant) thought they were so clever and posted the translations in the comment section. They claimed that Biden’s remarks were as follows:

“You know what it is. Most people don’t. To insure that as we rebuilt America, we upheld a promise. A promise.”

Does it sound like he said that? Might have said that? Meant to say that? Honestly, does it matter?

The fact that we are even playing this game is doom enough for the prestige of this nation and the wellbeing of its citizens. If someone can legitimately tweet, seemingly day after day, help in figuring out what the sitting President of the United States mumbled, we are in a world of hurt.

“Bebopamerica ndhdgvd promise djdhdb a promise bhgfddghj o miss. #LetsGoBrandon

“Sherbet & Shortbread tho came out as schlurrburg en shurrlybed.”

“I think he’s referring to Reba McEntire and America joining forces. 

I think he said RhebabAmerica.”


“If he were my dog I’d put him to sleep.”

“Wjrnrjnwisudbe. I typed in random letters which is still closer then I’d get if I tried to decipher it.”

“Are those fake claps?”

Joe Biden is a danger at this point in the White House. Let’s also no forget this tidbit shared by insider Ronald Kessler, which I wrote about yesterday:

“Then he tells an absolute shocker of a story about the travel arrangements of Sleepy Joe in those weekly trips. According to Kessler, Biden would travel without the nuclear football nearby. Often, it would be further than a mile away from him so as to avoid the presidential convoy and give him the appearance of a commoner in a single car. (If you wanted to be a commoner, how about not hold a federally-elected office for fifty years).

As Kessler points out, this could spell utter disaster in the event Biden needed to authorize a nuclear retaliation. By the time the football caught up to the motorcade, an attacking nation or force could have essentially vaporized the entire American coast or major cities across the country.”

I am afraid to ask: How much worse is this going to get?