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Amy Coney Barrett Gets Heckled, Gives Hilarious Response [Video]

We first witnessed Amy Coney Barrett’s affability and strength in the face of adversity during her confirmation hearings in 2020. She put on quite a display as Democrats did everything possible to shake and disrupt her. It didn’t work. And we got a glimpse of that sturdiness again this week when Barrett was being interviewed during an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The video below picks up after a heckler had interrupted Barret while she answered a question about the media attention she had to endure. What the troublemaker had shouted was mostly inaudible, but it sounded like something about “enslaver of women,” which is highly ironic in its own right. But Barrett’s reaction is priceless. Watch:

Presumably, the editors of the footage cut away from the coverage of the unruly critic being removed from the venue, which is always a good idea. There’s no need to give adolescent cynics any more coverage than absolutely necessary in their attempts to garner attention. We can see Barrett’s witty assessment once the footage resumes, however.

“Well, I was just thinking, ‘burn the books.’ Yes, fortunately as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions. And sometimes even outbursts.”

A proper but clever response from Barrett, and as classy as always. Equating the heckler to a child is the perfect comparison and one which led to a seamless resumption of dialogue, after some hearty applause by the audience.

This disturbance, along with Barrett’s comeback, reminds us of the vitriol and unhinged approach that Democrats and their media applied in trying to prevent Barrett’s confirmation. They were ruthless, but they were ineffective, fortunately. One of the narratives they tried to spin at the time was that Barrett was beholden to the mythological American patriarchy. As a mother of seven (gasp!), Barrett was obviously an advocate for women being barefoot and pregnant. She was the antithesis of feminism and the epitome of The Handmaid’s Tale storyline.

But Amy Coney Barrett is the opposite of how she was portrayed. She’s a brilliant, hardworking jurist in addition to being a strong mother, despite their depictions of subservience. She’s a fair, decent person who adopted a little girl from Haiti, despite their attempts to paint her as a racist.

If Amy Coney Barrett shared the same, radical leftist ideology of the Democratic Party, and if she had not been nominated by Donald Trump, of course, she would have been held up as a shining example of what a successful American woman looks like. Let this latest example of Barrett’s struggle serve as a reminder of why we should be proud of her.

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By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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