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“White Men Will Be In The Minority”: Corporate Media Disgustingly Gloats After KBJ Wins Confirmation

Let’s reimagine this quote for a second: “Black women will be in the minority.” How does that sound? How would that go over in the legacy press? What if Donald Trump did something and then celebrated his achievement by making such an announcement?

To answer that, just picture one of those old-time photos from the 60s when they were detonating nuclear weapons. Or the end of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s famous 1964 television ad. That would about capture the head melting and corporate media response.

However, when white men are the target of minimization, ostracization, banishment, and all else, then we have become conditioned to accept it. Not only accept – we have been conditioned to cheerlead. It is beyond reprehensible.

Fox News covered how the entire regime-cheerleading apparatus had uniformly reported the news that the Senate confirmed Ketajni Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court by a 53-47 vote.

“A number of media personalities and reporters provided near identical responses to the Senate vote on April 7, touting the historical precedent Jackson had set for the highest court in the land. 

‘When the 51-year-old Jackson joins the court, for the first time history, four of the nine justices will be women and white men will be in the minority,’ ABC’s Rachel Scott said on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, CBS’ Nora O’Donnell said that Americans had a ‘front row seat’ to an event that has “never happened” in the “country’s history” at the top of her show. 

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CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN repeatedly asserted that ‘history was made’ or that Jackson’s confirmation was a “historic moment” throughout their Thursday and Friday morning broadcasts. 

On MSNBC’s ‘The 11th hour,’ host Stephanie Ruhle asked NBC Washington Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor ‘how big a day’ Jackson’s confirmation was, not just for the White House, but for the country and its history.

The frequent MSNBC guest proudly responded that this moment in American history was ‘233 years in the making’ and that Jackson had shattered a ‘double-paned glass ceiling.’ The glass ceiling phrase was similarly echoed by ABC News Live primetime host Linsey Davis.”

The left has pushed all of its chips in with the idea of “representation.” It is a dehumanizing outlook, reducing everyone to the least important and least interesting features of a person. Sane and healthy people admire qualities such as humility, decency, intelligence, kindness, and so many other wonderful human characteristics; the left loves the color of your skin and your rejection of your reproductive organs.

With Brown Jackson’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court, we are all supposed to be excited about having the first black woman seated on the bench. The obvious pushback to that is asking: But why? But how?

In being nominated precisely for being black and female, her being on the bench as the first black female is irrevocably  lessened. She didn’t earn this. She was handed it. Had a remarkable and qualified jurist been selected on those traits, perhaps there would be more cause to celebrate the continued greatness of the American value system. In any event, if Biden hadn’t railroaded Janice Rogers Brown in 2005 to be the first black woman on the Supreme Court, maybe we could believe their sincerity.

Digging deeper, what is a woman? If the newest member of the nine-judge team cannot define the term, how are we supposed to recognize her as that then?

This nomination and confirmation is a sham on progress and a slight to all black Americans who are pandered to in the worst possible way. They are being told they cannot succeed on their own, that they need their skin color to be weaponized against others in order to climb higher.

We were told we needed a black president. Then a black female vice president. Now a black female justice. There will always be a new “first” in this postmodern calamity. It’s as stupid as it is dangerous. Too bad Dubya took first black Secretary of State away from them.

Notice how no one ever talks about Condi as a ceiling breaker? Frauds all of them.