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Knucklehead Of The Week: Joe Biden Makes Strong Case For Knucklehead of the Century [VIDEO]

This was an especially difficult decision for our esteemed “Knucklehead of the Week Committee,” with some of the fiercest competition we’ve seen yet. Since it came down to a choice between President Joe Biden and CNN’s Brian Stelter, we were guaranteed that regardless of the ultimate selection we were going to have a repeat honoree. Ultimately, the evidence that our Commander-in-Chief should be the one to be recognized – again – was too overwhelming to ignore. And someday when our request for funding is approved, Biden’s buffoonery this week most certainly earned him a distinguished position on the Mount Rushmore of Knuckleheads.

Winner: President Joe Biden gives us the most awkward moment we’ve ever seen from a president, making our entire country cringe.

A poll came out this week showing Biden’s approval rating in his home state of Delaware at an unfathomable 38%, which by itself would be justification for his winning this week’s award, but it is the video below that seals the deal.

When it comes to awkward presidential episodes, there are several that stand out. Bill Clinton explaining why it wasn’t considered “sexual relations” when he was receiving hummers in the Oval Office comes to mind. Gerald Ford falling down the stairs of Air Force One is also memorable. Richard Nixon trying to convince us that he was “not a crook,” and George W. Bush making eye contact and nodding at Al Gore during their third debate was also uncomfortable. And those are just in the last fifty years or so.

But what happened this week with President Biden undoubtedly dwarfs all other such embarrassments. Here’s the footage:

For some reason, the White House Communications Department apparently thought it would be a good idea to have former president Barack Obama, Sleepy Joe’s old boss, make a grand return to the executive mansion to help boost Biden’s disastrous approval ratings. Their plan failed miserably.

As usual, Obama couldn’t help but make the event about himself, and tried to be funny by referring to Biden as “Vice-President.” It was humiliating. Obama then went on to tout his own accomplishments, or what we would call failures, and in doing so only illustrated what a complete imbecile Biden is. Say what you want about Obama, but the man is as adept at self-promotion as anyone we’ve ever seen. And then when the speeches were over, we were left with this pathetic moment we see on the video.

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Joe Biden during this footage reminds us of that kid in high school who sat alone on the bus, ate by himself at lunchtime, and would rather pick his nose than pay attention to the goings-on in gym class. Vice-President Kamala Harris, on the other hand, looks like one of the popular girls in the class – and we’re sure Kamala was verrryyy popular in high school – and is mingling up a storm. And Obama is clearly the one everyone wants to rub elbows with.

Now, here are the reasons why this incident earns Biden the spot as the week’s top knucklehead. First, it shows a clear lack of social skills by Biden. Much has been made about Biden’s dishonesty and poor decision-making, and rightfully so. But the guy is also extremely weird, which is probably one reason why no one wants to talk to him.

Then we have the fact that there was no plan in place. Biden should have had some type of script to follow, and he himself should have insisted on a plan. Something like, “Once the socializing starts Mr. President, be sure to engage in conversations with the men and women in uniform. That might help with your popularity with the armed services and veterans.” Yes, such a scheme is manipulative, but it’s also typical of Washington D.C. and was obviously necessary with a soon-to-be octogenarian as president.

Finally, we have the issue of Biden’s position, and this is what really stands out in this video. Joe Biden is the leader of the free world, for crying out loud. But no one cares. And no one cares because the man is a complete joke. In a sane world, with a praiseworthy person in power, those guests would have been tripping over themselves trying to talk with Biden, asking to take selfies with him, and trying to boost their own political standing by being seen with him. Instead, he’s ignored.

And before anyone tries to start feeling sorry for him and lecturing us about making fun of Biden, remember who we’re talking about. Joe Biden is a liar, a political opportunist, a supporter of abortion being legal until the time of birth, and the man who is responsible for leaving millions of Afghans to be raped, abused, and murdered by the Taliban just to score political points. Joe Biden deserves neither your sympathy nor your loyalty. Joe Biden is a knucklehead.

Honorable Mention #1: CNN’s Brian Stelter goes toe to toe with a college freshman… and loses badly. 

The video really tells it all, take a look:

To be fair to Stelter, the youngster he’s going up against in this back-and-forth is very sharp. Kudos to you, Christopher Phillips. But one would think that Stelter would be a little better prepared on how to respond to such obvious facts. But for Stelter to come back with, “I think you’re describing a different channel from the one that I watch.” Followed by, “All these networks, all these outlets have to defend Democracy.” Wait, what? Journalists have to defend Democracy? Like hell, they do.

You have one job bonehead, just one. Report facts. That’s what journalists are supposed to do. Soldiers, sailors, and Marines… leave the defense of Democracy to them, please. And don’t kid yourself, you’re not that important. If you told the truth, you’d be more valuable, but right now you and your network can’t even defend your own actions let alone Democracy. Spare us.

Honorable Mention #2: Reports indicate that the Republican establishment is already throwing in the towel in Georgia.   

The U.S. Senate currently has exactly 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats (or better stated, 50 senators who caucus with Democrats). That means Republicans only need to hold onto the seats they currently control and win one more to reach the magical 51-seat majority. Considering the current, nationwide political climate, that should be an easy task, and the GOP should be able to reach 53 or perhaps 54 seats with relative ease.

The easiest of the four or five potential ‘flip-seats’ is most probably Georgia. A state with a Republican governor and one which had Republican senators in both seats until last year’s disastrous January. Furthermore, the highly popular former football star and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker is on the ballot for the GOP and is currently enjoying a 4-point lead in the polls. So, what are the geniuses at the RNC reportedly doing? They’re bailing on Hershel. They don’t think he can win. Seriously

It’s news like this that makes it so difficult to be a Republican at times. We’re our own worst enemy.

PF Whalen

 P.F. Whalen is a conservative author at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on Parler and GETTR; he does not do Facebook and Twitter.

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