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Flashback: Brian Stelter Gets OWNED By Polite College Republican At ‘Disinformation’ Conference [WATCH]

This past week, the University of Chicago hosted a conference titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” It could not have been more Orwellian; the conference featured blatantly grotesque misrepresentation, lies, and falsehoods by the very speakers designed to discuss the quite real problem of dishonesty in the media.

The big winner from the conference was a student group called the Chicago Thinkers. In the span of a few minutes, a few young college kids were able to expose big-time media and political frauds with nothing more than straightforward questions designed both to call out their role in advancing their own “disinformation” but also give them a chance to speak honestly about the issue.

At a panel created to discuss disinformation and erosion of democracy, nothing more perfectly encapsulated this issue than watching three panelists squirm, evade, and demonstrate their complicit role in both propagating disinformation but also eroding democracy as well.

I have embedded three viral clips below from the conference. I previously covered the Stelter one in more length (see: here), and have included it again alongside additional videos of The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). The Stelter video gets into CNN’s undeniable role in perpetuating hoax after hoax. The Applebaum video highlights the air of indifference to the Hunter Biden story as not being interesting. The Klobuchar video addresses medical misinformation.

Brian Stelter can’t handle listening to the litany of CNN-pushed lies:

Amy Klobuchar complete evades being asked about what she will deem medical disinformation:

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Anne Applebaum doesn’t find total corruption among the American ruling class interesting: 

Good for these kids. After their performances, Tucker Carlson even invited them on his program. In the words of Joe Biden, that’s a big effing deal. Hopefully we will see more of them – and more questions like theirs in general – in the near future.