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Biden Our Time, Waiting For The End… Only 1,015 Days To Go

In the short span of just over fourteen months, the Biden regime has amassed an amazing set of accomplishments. With little or no help from Congress, the Biden administration almost single-handedly has managed to turn the country from energy independent to reliant on foreign oil, has encouraged mass illegal immigration across our borders, caused the ruin of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and millions of lives, set in motion the measures that will lead to massive food shortages, if not actual famine, has decreed the use of an experimental medical procedure responsible for tens of thousands of deaths with many more to come, and commanded one of the most ignominious military withdrawals in our history.  And that isn’t even the entire list.

So how was all this accomplished?  The short answer is that it was almost all done through Presidential Executive Orders.  To understand the mechanism, though, we will need to look at how Executive Orders actually work.

Where do Executive Orders come from?

To begin, Congress first passes a law that creates an Agency.  This law is known as Enabling Legislation. This Agency is chartered to perform certain acts within a limited scope as defined by the law.  The FDA, FAA, IRS, OSHA, HHS, DHS, DoJ, and numerous others were all created in this way and given general directions.  They are then empowered to devise regulations to specifically implement the general directions provided by the law passed by Congress.  These regulations have the force of law by virtue of the original law that Congress passed.

However, these regulations are never debated in Congress nor directly approved by them.  Congress or courts can strike them down, but such actions are rarely taken, and most agencies respond by emplacing new regulations that get around the objections levied against the previous regulation.

This is where Executive Orders enter.  According to the Constitution, the Executive branch cannot enact legislation – cannot create laws.  That is the job of Congress.  However, once an Agency has been created by Congress, it is placed under the authority of the Executive branch to manage.  As the chief executive, the President can direct the operations of any or all Agencies.  In particular, the President can direct an Agency to produce new regulations that have the force of law, so long as those regulations can be justified as falling within the scope of the original law that created the Agency.  Since regulations are neither reviewed nor approved by Congress, this is a “back door” way for the Executive branch to enact legislation without actually making a law.

The Agencies are directed by Executive Orders issued by the President.  As a recent example, OSHA was directed to devise a regulation that would require employers to force their workers to undergo a medical procedure euphemistically called a “vaccination” or be subject to termination.  The justification given was that workers who were not “vaccinated” constituted a workplace hazard.  Since OSHA was charged with ensuring workplace safety, it seemed within the scope of the original legislation that created OSHA.

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In a rare case of regulatory forbearance, OSHA expressed reluctance to issue such regulation, and the courts even agreed that such a regulation was actually overreach of regulatory authority.  The reason given was that the condition to which “vaccination” applied was not uniquely a workplace hazard, but existed widely in the society outside the workplace.

Thus we see that when an administration wishes to take actions that have force of law, all it has to do is take advantage of already enacted legislation.  By issuing Executive Orders that provide some conceivable rationale of falling within the scope of the authority of one or more Agencies, new regulations with the force of law can be imposed without the necessity of Congressional cooperation.  Stroke of the pen, law of the land.

Erasing the past

An analysis of Biden’s executive orders is quite revealing.  He was not in office for even a full day when he issued the order that killed the Keystone Pipeline and blocked drilling on Federal lands. In the first 50 days, he issued more executive orders than any prior president, including FDR.  In the first 100 days, he issued 42 executive orders as compared to 33 for Trump.

Of those 42 orders, 21 of them were revoking prior orders from Trump, some of the orders even revoking multiple prior orders for a total of 67 orders revoked.  In addition to the Keystone Pipeline, revoked orders included rejoining the Paris climate accord, eliminating many of the restrictions on immigration, eliminating restrictions on travel from terrorism-supporting countries, and the ban on transgender individuals joining the military.

Not done yet

Other orders and proclamations included mask mandates, the moratorium on evictions during the pandemic – a move deemed unconstitutional but imposed anyway – mask mandates, the attempted vaccination mandate, halting the border wall construction, expanded aid to illegal immigrants, and numerous other acts.  Nearly every order has had some significant negative impact on the country.  The energy blocks along with Covid lockdowns and injection of “stimulus” money have directly led to the present inflation that is threatening to become hyperinflation in the next few months.

On average, the administration has been issuing orders at a rate of one every five days.  At that rate, by the end of 2024, there would be almost 400 orders issued.  Since the orders do not require approval by Congress, even if there is a Red Wave in November 2022, the orders would keep coming unchecked.  Attempts to pass legislation limiting the issuance of Executive Orders would likely be vetoed, and there would probably be insufficient votes to overcome a veto.

Immigration trends

The actions around illegal immigration have encouraged new waves of migration to where over two million unauthorized migrants came across the southern border in 2020, not counting those who were not stopped or crossed undetected.  To put things in perspective.  That number is more than the population of any except the four largest cities in the US.  One of Biden’s orders was to revoke Title 42 which denied entry to Covid positive migrants, which is to take effect in May.  At that point, an anticipated 18,000 migrants per day is expected, few of which will be processed, and even fewer will be denied entry.

At that rate, every three to four months will add the equivalent of a new city larger than all but the largest 30 cities in the US.  It would be a city larger than Oakland, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Kansas City, or New Orleans.  It is a city that would be filled with people who speak English poorly if at all, have no employment, have little education, but have been promised that the US government will provide them with housing, health care, food, legal assistance, and numerous other forms of aid.

A changing climate

As many have noted before, the climate is changing.  It is politically useful to claim that human use of fossil fuels is responsible for the change.  This idea of human causation has been debunked repeatedly, but the political elite has found it too useful to discard.  Indeed, the theory was used to justify a number of Executive Orders, including the Keystone termination and drilling bans.  The consequences have been disastrous, and have only just begun to be manifest.

Besides causing prices of gasoline to more than double from the time of Trump, many other industries and costs have been affected.  Prices of industrial supplies and consumer goods have increased due to increased transportation costs.  In addition, food security is threatened, not just this year, but for several years to come.  Besides direct fuel increases in cost of food production, modern agriculture requires fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemical products, most of which require fossil fuel to produce.  Without such agrichemicals, food production will be dramatically reduced.  The US is likely to change from being a net food exporter to a country that has difficulty even producing enough for its own needs.

The administration turned the US from an energy producer to an energy consumer, making us dependent on foreign sources of oil.  Besides oil, the emphasis on “renewables” like solar and wind create a new dependency on the materials used to produce solar panels and wind generators.  Besides being unreliable, these technologies produce energy in a form difficult to store, and when costs of mining, refining, land use, production, maintenance, and disposal are taken into account, are considerably more expensive than our current fossil fuel plants.  The materials used do not recycle well, if at all, and often result in toxic waste.

Aside from these considerations, the rest of the world is unlikely to be cooperative.  Virtually every country south of the Tropic of Cancer will continue to use fossil fuels for the foreseeable future.  Someone in Africa or India or South America who can barely afford a $200 well used gas-powered car is unlikely to suddenly run out and purchase a $60,000 Tesla.  They also won’t be able to keep a five-gallon can of electrons around the way they can gasoline.  Never mind trucks, tractors, aircraft, trains, power plants, and all the other fossil fuel users.

For those who still think humans are causing climate change, I leave you with two thoughts.  First, the current increase in temperature started around 1650 at the end of the Little Ice Age and has continued at the same rate since.  Coal was the first fossil fuel in significant use and its use in quantity only started in 1850.  Temperature was steadily increasing for 200 years before humans started using fossil fuels – before that wood was the principal fuel source.

Second, CO2 has been pictured as being high above the Earth’s surface, acting as a blanket to keep us warm.  In reality, most CO2 is within the first few thousand feet of the surface where it acts more like an extension of the surface than a reflective blanket.

Mandating death

The administration has been attempting to mandate “vaccination” of the populace with only limited success.  So far only Federal workers and the military are subject to compulsory Covid vaccination.  Numerous authors have pointed out that the Covid “vaccines” are unlike any vaccine before.  Tens of thousands of deaths in the US alone are directly attributable to the substance – orders of magnitude more than all other vaccines combined in the last thirty years – even though these new substances have only been in use for about two years.

In addition, these substances have been implicated in deaths from heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes, and appear responsible for five to sixfold increases in miscarriages.  Long-term effects are still to be determined, including what appears to be an induced form of AIDS where natural immune system protections against any disease are greatly reduced.

In the military, there have been dramatic increases in sudden deaths, heart conditions, and other debilitating conditions generally unexpected in what is normally a very healthy group.

Tip of the iceberg

These are only a few of the many consequences of actions taken by the current administration, largely through Executive Orders.  Unfortunately, there is more to come.  For one thing, the effects of such actions are not linear.  That is to say that the effects don’t simply add one upon another.  Rather, they act in an exponential fashion, like compound interest, where each new Order multiplies the effects of those preceding.  Not only do the effects compound with each new order, but the compound over time so that even if no new orders were added, the effects would continue to grow.

Our Republic, if we can keep it

While it is convenient to blame things on Biden and to think that removing him from office would solve our problems, there are deeper issues at work.  It is doubtful that Biden knows what he is actually signing when he signs an Executive Order.  It is almost certain that he hasn’t read it.  The actual orders are prepared by staffers working behind the scenes, likely with input or direction from various swamp creatures in the DC swamp.

It is helpful to remember that there are now fourth and even fifth-generation bureaucrats in Washington.  They have accumulated considerable institutional knowledge about how to subvert the Constitution and how to avoid or sabotage reform efforts.  Look at what they did to Trump.

These people socialize with one another, they intermarry, they go to the same sex parties, they attend the same social functions, and their offspring attend the same schools.  They have become a new hereditary aristocracy who see themselves as superior and entitled to rule over all those who are not in the club.  They share much in common with the DC West group of the Silicon Valley tech elite.  Together with the media, they form the Deep State that holds and exercises much of the power of government today.  They are ruthless, entitled, and will employ any tactic they feel they can get away with to retain and increase their power.  These are the ones who must ultimately be defeated.

Given that these are the ones with their pudgy little fingers wrapped around the levers of power, what can we do to change things?

Fighting back

As it turns out, there is a lot that can be done.  While it would be nice if we could get the 2020 election declared null and void, rendering all the Executive Orders and other actions of the current administration void, that is not likely to happen quickly, although we shouldn’t rule it out.

To that end, we need to realize that at least 60% of the country, including almost 40% of Democrats believe that the 2020 election was determined by fraud.  That is a huge statistic and means there is a lot of support both for investigation of the election and for election reform.  It would be hard to tell that from the actions of most state legislatures, but they aren’t the only ones involved.

The scene of the crime

Many states promised to undertake audits of the 2020 election.  Few have actually done so.  Of those, most have simply recounted ballots to demonstrate that they actually passed first-grade arithmetic.  There were no investigations regarding where the ballots originated, whether they should have been counted, and a host of other relevant questions.  The obvious conclusions were: “counts matched, audit done, all is well, most secure election ever”.  Horse exhaust!

It’s the canvass not the count

More recently, numerous groups of concerned citizens have taken it upon themselves to perform their own investigations and have been finding plentiful instances of fraud activity.  These are powerful in that they do not involve official activity that can be misdirected or suppressed.

Organizations like “” and “” have been coordinating activities of local groups to conduct various investigations, including canvassing.  These are volunteers who are making a real difference by accumulating overwhelming evidence of election fraud that cannot be ignored by courts or legislatures.  They are showing that many officials who should have been protecting our elections were negligent at best, and complicit in fraud at worst.

These citizen activities have a good chance of getting the 2020 election results decertified in enough states that the election can be voided.  Some complain that this would cause a Constitutional crisis, but many of us would argue that with so many believing that the current administration is illegitimate, there already exists a Constitutional crisis.  The point here is that almost anyone can participate in these investigatory activities that take place at a local level.  They require little commitment and have a high payoff.

The canvass results put a lot of pressure on state legislatures to decertify since if they ignore the canvass results, they appear complicit in fraud.  Wisconsin appears close to decertification due largely to the efforts of ordinary citizens acting in their own communities across the state.

Election integrity is not a partisan issue.  At stake is the theft of our country.  That affects us all – Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Libertarian, whatever.  To say that the election is done and too late to change is like saying that a murderer should go free because the victim did not show up to testify against them.

A waste of good electrons

At the heart of most election systems today is a collection of electronic systems to tabulate votes, consolidate results, and report totals, this collection commonly referred to as “machines”.  These machines convert paper ballots to electronic forms, collect voter selections from tablet voting units, collect and summarize vote totals, record totals on various storage media and in electronic databases, and ultimately report results.  At every stage, these systems are vulnerable to compromise – all the way from recording false individual votes to manipulation of totals.  Such manipulations were reported on numerous occasions across the country.  Claims that the systems are secure are wishful thinking at best, and dishonest at worst.

Some states and jurisdictions have attempted to ensure that the systems are secure and reliable.  Many of the certification standards are well-intentioned but have numerous flaws that render them almost useless.  For example, California, a state that should have good standards and requirements, has numerous flaws in its requirements.

One requirement states that no part of an election system shall be connected to the internet.  Another requirement states that equipment shall be able to connect to a network, including a wireless network in order to exchange information.  Yet another says that certain components shall be “air-gapped” – a meaningless term.  The internet is simply a computer network, so if a system can connect to any network, it can connect to the internet.  If any part of a network is compromised, virtually all connected devices are vulnerable.  A smartphone is “air-gapped” yet it connects to cellular networks and even the internet by design.

At the current state of the art for election systems, the machines cannot be trusted to provide secure and accurate results.  While not perfect, the previous system of paper ballots, hand tabulation, and personal reporting of results is the only system we currently have that offers the degree of integrity needed.

A public nuisance

In most places, the machines are purchased by the individual counties and are subject to county approval.  Citizens have the ability to express their concerns about the use of such systems and request that the county discontinue their use.  It may involve attending a meeting of county supervisors or commissioners and expressing concerns, but if enough people do that, the authorities will get the point.  In many cases, the counties are small enough that many residents will know the representatives personally and can make their views known directly.

California has 58 counties, each with a board of supervisors.  Most of the counties are of low population so that individual citizens have good access.  If a majority of those counties were to discontinue use of machine voting, the state would have a difficult time continuing with the machines, even if large population centers wished to continue to use them.

Again, this is an activity that can be done locally by individual citizens and can have a huge positive effect.  If we continue to use the machines, there is absolutely no assurance that we will ever have an honest election, and that includes the upcoming 2022 election.

Just a start

There is much more that we can do as individual citizens and as groups to regain our country.  Supermoms have had a positive effect through their protests at school board meetings, which is about as local as you can get.  Contact with groups such as True The Vote can provide a wide range of opportunities to make a real difference.  We need voter ID, good signature verification, to get rid of mail-in voting, routine meaningful audits, and many other reforms.

I get lots of requests to donate to candidates.  Generally, they are along the lines of  “we are losing badly, if you don’t contribute $25 now, our Republic will be lost!”.  My usual response is: “You made a number of promises to clean up the swamp when you were campaigning.  When you show some progress in keeping those promises, I will consider donating.”

We don’t have to sit back Biden our time.

True, some activities will require a measure of courage, but courage is not something you either have or don’t.  Even everyday life requires a measure of courage just to step out the door.  With practice making small steps, anyone can do what is needed to recover our country.  Will this continue to be the home of the brave, or are we going to surrender to the new aristocracy?

If not us, who? And if not now, when?

By David Robb

David Robb is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

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The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Blue State Conservative. The BSC is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented.

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