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SHOCKING: Biden’s DOJ Might Remove Newborn Baby From Alleged J6 Single Mom

Every lie from the Deep State about January 6th is bad; there is no point in ranking them. Behind every Fed set up is an individual whose life has been eternally slandered and ruined.

Still, I felt a deeper and more visceral outrage when I pulled this headline up from The Gateway Pundit. It reads, in part: “Heartless Biden Regime to Rip Newborn Baby from Single Mom and January 6th Protester’.”

Single mom. Baby. Stolen custody. If the thought of this woman losing her child to the apparatus of The State doesn’t piss you off, I don’t think anything will.

The Gateway Pundit carries the story in full, but I wanted to pull excerpts from its recounting of this woman’s –  Felicia Konold – experience after being targeted by the FBI, beginning with her abduction, serving time, and now waiting for the hammer to drop with sentencing. According to the Gateway Pundit, then, what follows is Konnold’s story.

“While still asleep in the early morning of February 11, 2021, 20+ FBI Agents and Federal SWAT Team members kicked in the door to Felicia Konold’s farmhouse.  The 26-year-old single mother awoke suddenly to officers yelling from outside, ‘FBI! Come out of the house, now!’

Through the windows Felicia saw an entire row of 15+ unmarked vehicles lined up nose to tail along the main road.  Their bright flashing lights and mounted spotlights piercing the darkness… 

Once at the FBI facility, Felicia was interrogated for 3 to 4 hours.  Here they asked Felicia questions without answering any of her questions as to what this was all about – although she began to get an idea.  After steadfastly refusing to answer their questions until they answered hers, Felicia was then taken on a 3- or 4-hour drive to what can best be described as “a large, undisclosed Federal Prison facility.” For transport, Felicia was shackled both feet and hands, which then were secured to a waist chain.

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“They were packing some serious heat,” Felicia recalled.  “I was actually shocked that I was being treated like a mass-murderer – the whole experienced seemed surreal.  Especially since I never even committed any kind of violence, whatsoever, and had been co-operative throughout.  Not to mention I had never been arrested before this, so the entire situation I found myself in was worse than any nightmare I ever had.  Little did I know just how much worse it would get.”

Next, Felicia was taken to a tiny, one-person wire-mesh cage with a chair and no room to maneuver or walk around.  Here she sat for 8+ hours until all the other in-take prisoners – including her brother – passed by and into another room out of sight to be processed.   When she was retrieved and went through her own unique processing, two guards were at her side the entire duration.  

Her holding cell was a cement square, without windows, and with a metal bed anchored to the walls.  There was a combination metal sink/toilet bowl as a single unit, and the sink had only a drip of water that would come out.  There was also a Solid Door with a window and another small opening with a smaller trapdoor below the window.  The incredibly strong smell of fresh paint on the walls covered a lingering and permanent musky smell, leading to an ever persistent and lingering headache for Felicia over the days that followed.

The small trapdoor below the window on the door is where Felicia’s food was delivered, given to her only after she complied with orders to stand facing the back wall of her cell.  She was always the last person served in a pod that included approximately 50 prisoners.  The food given to her was always old, soggy, or stale – and even moldy at times.  Knowing she was pregnant, Felicia forced her starving self to devour every possible bite, even if it meant swallowing back the vomit.  

Through the same small trapdoor, Felicia would have to put her hands out to be handcuffed before they would open the door for her to leave her cell.  Everyone else in the “pod” was allowed to leave their cells every other day to shower, hang out in the rec area, or go outside for an hour of fresh air.  Felicia, however, was denied all these things – even going over 5 days before being allowed even a brisk shower!

In total, Konnold was detained for a week in these disgusting conditions. She has been on severe house arrest ever since where she now waits to learn of her future.