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Viral Video Resurfaces Of Conceal Carry Woman Protecting Children From Armed, Would-Be Assailant (WATCH)

As the Biden administration closes the chapter on its dehumanizing, condescending, and affirmative action hiring of now-Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, it now looks to violate the same Constitution it picked her to also not defend.

As I reported earlier today, Team Biden is set to announce a crackdown on gun rights by going after so-called ghost guns. Ghost guns are firearms assembled by individuals that evade federal registration. While the left goes on relentless attacks about who might have access to these types of guns, it needs to be remembered that in the context of the Bill of Rights, the Founders were concerned about government abusing power and arming citizens to confront statist tyranny far more than they were an individual accessing said firepower.

If an unregistered gun scares the government, I viscerally feel good about that. The government should be scared of its citizenry – and govern accordingly.

That being said, the right to bear arms can also be extended to defending oneself against not just government tyranny but all evils of human nature. The right to life, liberty, and property doesn’t manifest until actually being able to defend life, liberty, and property fully exists.

In this resurfaced viral video, courtesy of long-time 2A advocate Stephen Crowder, who as a Canadian does a better job representing American values than most Americans, it becomes clear why private gun ownership is so vital to preserving freedom:

As Crowder says: “Firearms are the great equalizer. They allow the most vulnerable of us to protect themselves and their loved ones from people who want to cause them harm.

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No kidding. We are not clear on the intended target of this armed assailant, but does it matter? He was clearly out for something horrible. Snatching a kid? Stealing personal property? This woman just saved a bunch of women and children – and only because her gun was used in response to the presence of another gun.

Twitter immediately pushed back, saying one of two things. The first argument was that this woman was an off-duty officer and not just a regular gun-toting momma bear. To that I would say: So what? Anyone can be trained.

Not only is that a bad argument, it’s a scary one. I don’t want to live in a world where only the government’s enforcement squad carries guns. That’s how China locks down 26 million citizens in Shanghai (if they’re lucky; the unlucky ones get carted off to internment camps) or how Australia eerily does the same thing. Where is the line between communism and democracy, again?

The other argument made is that this person wouldn’t have needed to respond with force if the assailant didn’t have access to a gun. Again, you just shake your head. Do criminals stop being criminals on account of not having a gun? Do they change their evil ways? Not only that, do they abide by laws in the first place? Banning ghost guns curtails the rights of law abiders, not criminals.