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[Watch] America’s Love Affair With Tiger Woods… Does This Look Like A Racist Country To You?

Tiger Woods struggled at Augusta National Golf Club this weekend, having shot back-to-back 78s on his way to finishing toward the bottom of the pack at The Masters. Tiger played at a level most of us can only dream of achieving, but far below the incredible standard he’s set for himself after years of excellence.

But Woods’ disappointing finish didn’t damper the adoration from the fans, as America’s ongoing infatuation with Tiger that’s now lasted over a quarter-century continues to increase with intensity.

For those who missed it, below is a short video using Tiger’s own words to describe his experience at the tournament, and as you watch, we have a challenge for you: Notice that virtually every spectator you see appears to be not only supporting Tiger but engaged in complete adulation; and while you’re at it, count how many folks you see during the footage that are not white:

Notice any non-white folks? And did you spot anyone looking with hatred at the black guy in the red shirt?

The narrative from the race-baiters on the left, one which is almost universally embraced by Democrats and even some Republicans, is that America is racist at its core. The nonsensical 1619 Project from Nikkole Hannah Jones, for instance, asserts that our collective racism as Americans is so pronounced that it shouts from the very documents created during our founding.

But if America is so racist, how is it that we are the only country on the planet to twice elect a racial minority to the highest office in the land, and only eight years later to the second-highest office? And how is it possible that the most popular sports figure in the country for decades now is also a racial minority?

The answer? Because America is not racist. Yes, there are exceptions. Racism still exists in our country, particularly anti-white and anti-Asian racism which appear to be on the rise. But as a rule, the overwhelming majority of Americans love our country and appreciate folks of every race. And the reasons why America remains smitten with Tiger Woods are clear:

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– Americans revere excellence, no matter the race of who achieves it, and Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer who’s ever lived, with Jack Nicklaus being the only other who comes close.

– Americans love resilience and watching Tiger Woods hobble around Augusta trying to come back from the near-fatal car crash last year that’s left him with various pins, nuts, and bolts in his leg is the epitome of resilience.

– Americans are forgiving and understand that even our greatest heroes are human, so we’ve moved on from Woods’ infidelity that resulted in his divorce from his wife Elin.

– And Americans admire those who accept responsibility. Tiger Woods has been successful at levels we will almost certainly never see again. Yet Tiger has never played the ‘race card.’ Tiger Woods has been blessed to be born an American, and one with exceptional God-given talents, and he has never tried to portray himself as some sort of victim due to the color of his skin.

The story of Tiger Woods’ athletic brilliance, and of our country’s complete veneration of him and his accomplishments, is the essence of American greatness. As Americans, not only should we all be proud of Tiger Woods, but we should also be proud of how we’ve rejoiced in his success.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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