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[WATCH] Homemade Videos From Shanghai’s Lockdown Reveal Horrifying Situation

The most disturbing aspect of the world’s response to Covid has been the frightening speed at which governments subjugated their citizenry.  We learned that that these rights don’t need to exist in an “emergency” and that guaranteed rights are but an inconvenience for globalists’ ambitions. 

The people of China never had much freedom to begin with, but even there the response to Covid further minimized what little existed. Now, it’s at the point where major cities are nothing more than expanded prison systems. This is not hyperbole.

Breitbart was able to piece together some downright shocking videos allegedly taken from the recent Shanghai lockdowns. What follows is nothing more than a hellish dystopia. It’s worth pointing out that Joe Biden is watching these events unfold and announcing new proposals to curtail the Second Amendment.

Just saying.

Here was Bretibart setting up a few videos:

“Australia’s ABC reproduced several videos from Shanghai social media on Monday appearing to show screaming from high-rise apartment buildings. One video, which Breitbart News could not independently verify, appeared to show a mob of people shouting “hand out the supplies!” referring to food, and attacking police in front of an apartment complex in the Jiuting area of Shanghai.”

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“Australia’s similarly compiled several videos from Chinese social media. One appears to show a desperate crowd fighting over boxes of basic supplies; another shows a large crowd confronting Communist Party officers in blue hazmat suits, apparently trying to break through a cordon seeking food and supplies.”

“Multiple videos showing simply darkened apartment buildings at night, but recording the sound of screaming from the individual units visible, have also appeared on Weibo and other state media outlets. In one particularly harrowing video sourced from Weibo, a government drone allegedly flies overhead attempting to subdue the screaming and, in some cases, singing. Breitbart News could not independently verify the authenticity of the videos.”

It is hard to grasp the cruelty being witnessed and to overstate the insanity of zero-Covid policies. Each passing day makes it clearer that this has never been about Covid.

How can anyone reasonably claim “Covid” policies are about saving lives when every reaction to the virus has decimated standards of living, freedom, and – either through Chinese-style starvation or Big Pharma-style misinformation – actually resulted in stunning loss of life? The world is in a much worse place as a result, not of Covid, but of the inhumane and murderous government response to it.

What is happening in Shanghai is cruel. People are depressed, kidnapped, their pets are being murdered, and life is abjectly miserable. Plus, it isn’t even stopping the spread. 

How is this about a virus again?