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Huge: Federal Court Filings Confirm The Presence Of FBI Agents On January 6th

Are you, like many conservatives, suspicious that a few (or more) FBI agents might have been hanging around DC during the January 6th…situation and might have been, ermm…prodding things along?

Well, that second part hasn’t been proven yet in the case of January 6th, though something similar was found in the Whitmer kidnapping case, where jurors let two of the men off and found them not guilty because of concerns that the FBI had entrapped them. However, in the case of Jan. 6th, it looks like the FBI was at least involved:

And no, that’s not just the ramblings of a Twitter anon. Just the News reported on the filing and the FBI infiltration of January 6th-involved groups, saying:

An attorney for a Jan. 6 defendant  says in a recent court filing that at least 20 FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives “assets” were embedded around the U.S. Capitol on the day of the riot.

The attorney, David Fischer, is seeking a dismissal of charges of seditious conspiracy and obstruction charges against nearly a dozen members of the Oath Keepers and client Thomas Caldwell.

Continuing, the same report adds that:

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“At least 20 FBI and ATF assets were embedded around the Capitol on J6,” a footnote in the motion reads. The motion also states that attorneys “combed through a mountain of discovery” including summaries of interviews conducted by FBI agents and that members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right group, were “being monitored and recorded prior to J6.” 

Fischer writes that despite carefully inspecting a significant amount of evidence during discovery, he has not found “one iota of proof” that the defendants pre-planned or had any “intention, design, or scheme to specifically enter the Capitol Building on J6.”

That finding, if true, would confirm what a New York Times reporter told Project Veritas when being secretly filmed, as Breitbart reported, saying:

Matthew Rosenberg is the New York Times’s national security correspondent and co-author of “The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 Was No Big Deal, or a Left-Wing Plot.” In that article, New York Times reporters wrote that conservative outlets’ suggestions that “the F.B.I. planted agents to stir up the crowd” is a “false flag,” “instant rewriting of history,” and a “reimagining” of January 6.

However, Rosenberg contradicted his reporting when speaking to an undercover Project Veritas reporter. Rosenberg reportedly said the New York Times “went and uncovered the fact that like, there were a ton of FBI informants amongst the people who attacked the Capitol.”

Revolver News, reporting on the likelihood of FBI involvement long before this detail about the 20 agents involved came out, said:

If it turns out the federal government did in fact have undercover agents or confidential informants embedded within the so-called militia groups indicted for conspiring to obstruct the Senate certification on 1/6, the implications would be nothing short of seismic. Especially if such agents or informants enjoyed extremely senior-level positions within such groups.

[…]If it turns out that the federal government (FBI, Army Counterintelligence, or a similar agency) had undercover agents or confidential informants embedded in any of the groups involved in 1/6, the “federal intelligence agencies failing to warn of a potential for violence” looks less like an innocent mistake and more like something sinister.

Indeed, if the federal government knew of a potential for violence in or around the Capitol on 1/6 and failed to call for heightened security, the agencies responsible may in fact be legally liable for the damages incurred during that day.

It is unsettling to entertain the possibility that the federal government knew of a potential for violence on 1/6 and did nothing to stop it. It presents the question: why would agencies, or certain elements within, sit back and let something like this happen on purpose?

A still more disturbing possibility arises from a careful study of the unindicted co-conspirators listed throughout the various charging documents of individuals facing the most serious charges related to 1/6.

The obvious implication that Revolver is getting at there is that the FBI set up the event, or at least prodded it on. While that’s been speculated about and hasn’t been disproven, it also hasn’t yet been proven, so it can’t be commented on.

But what does seem to be true is that the FBI was certainly there and that those “embedded” FBI and ATF assets were in the crowd. While what they might have been doing isn’t clear, their presence now seems to have been confirmed.

Congressional candidate Joe Kent, attacking the FBI on Twitter in what was a presciently timed tweet, being released shortly before the revelation about its presence on Jan. 6th, said:

The FBI must be held accountable or completely dismantled.

The FBI let antifa terrorists burn our cites & failed to prevent mass shootings because they were busy entrapping innocent Americans in Michigan & DC.

We will hold them accountable via congressional oversight in 23’.

What do you think needs to happen to the FBI over this? Do you agree with Kent?

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative