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[Watch] Bill Maher And Joe Rogan Discuss Leftist Insanity And Being Republican

Something fascinating happened yesterday on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast when host Joe Rogan had a fluid discussion with guest Bill Maher. As they chatted about a variety of topics, their conversation turned to the issue of government spending and institutional waste, and their take on the current political climate surrounding that matter had them sounding like modern conservative Republicans.

Note that that assessment isn’t coming from yours truly, it’s coming from Rogan and Maher themselves. Take a look:

It’s not often we can refer to dialogue about government spending as “fascinating,” but in this case, the shoe fits, and the intrigue comes from the reality of who these two men are: Bill Maher and Joe Rogan are leftists. They are both self-described, unabashed liberals. But what makes them sound like today’s conservatives is the fact that they haven’t totally lost their minds:

Maher: “If I’m complaining about [government waste], again to your point about a Republican idea, people would say, ‘Oh, you’re complaining about the government spending money.’ And my answer is, ‘OK, but is their any number at which point I’m not tipped over into the Republican side.’”

Rogan: “Right.”

Maher: “That I can’t complain about money that is just being stolen?”

Minutes later, Maher began to hit at the corruption behind all the waste. It’s not just that government funds evaporate when spending exceeds budgets. It’s not as though those tax dollars just disappear. They end up somewhere, and that location is normally the bank accounts of cronies of elected government officials. And then Rogan puts the perfect punctuation on Maher’s excellent point:

Maher: “So much of that money is going to consultants, and just siphoned off by all the pigs at the trough. All snorting this s*** up with their big f****** snouts.”

Rogan: “Yeah, and there are very few people who are saying that.”

That’s exactly right. Our government is hemorrhaging money, and clowns like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer want to spend even more. But none of them have any interest in addressing the waste that transpires. Earlier in the podcast, the two were discussing the incredible waste we saw in the COVID Relief and PPP bills. Those problems have not yet been corrected, but Democrats already want to spend more.

And as Rogan stated, if you’re on the left, making such observations is verboten. Let’s hope more left-wingers like Rogan and Maher have the courage to stand up and state the obvious and use their common sense.

By Jordan Case

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