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Vile! Teacher In California Faces 29 Criminal Charges Of Alleged Molestation Of Students

A 35-year-old former Biology teacher from Making Waves Academy in Richmond, California named Anessa Paige Gower has been arrested and charged with 29 counts of criminality for the alleged child molestation of seven minors. Gower was arrested at Sacramento International Airport shortly after landing on a return flight from Hawaii.

As reported by WHDH News, the District Attorney’s office alleges that “Gower was a biology teacher at Making Waves Academy in Richmond and allegedly engaged in numerous acts of a sexual nature with minors between 2021-2022,” as well as sharing sexually explicit photographs via online platforms.

The DA’s statement went on to say:

“Investigators took statements from the victims and witnesses about a number of incidents involving sex acts with minors, inappropriate touching, and sharing sexually graphic photos over online platforms.”

According to authorities at the school, Gower was fired shortly after they learned about the accusations:

“We immediately shared that information with authorities who are reviewing the matter. That teacher is no longer employed by Making Waves Academy and we have reached out to parents, students and faculty to provide support where it might be needed.”

Soft penalties for child predators have been a controversial topic across the country over the last couple of weeks due to the confirmation hearings in the U.S. Senate for now-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Republican lawmakers asserted that Jackson had been excessively lenient, though Justice Jackson defended her sentencings and made multiple attempts to justify them.

Of the 29 total charges filed against Anessa Paige Gower, 25 of them are felonies. She is currently being held on $1.625 million bail at the Contra Costa County Jail. If these charges are true, and if Gower is convicted, she will be facing several years in prison. And we can only hope that her sentencing is strict enough to ensure that justice is served and the children of Richmond, California will have one less predator with which to contend.

By Jordan Case

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Featured photo courtesy of the Richmond Police.