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If Biden Succeeds With His Goal, Who Will Be The Brave Souls Coming To Take All Those Guns

If anyone was paying any attention to Biden’s latest speech, and I’m not sure anyone was, he is getting serious it seems about gun control.

Okay, I know he may not fully grasp all those notes provided him for his speeches and policies but come on man, somewhere in his memory, if he thinks real hard, he must remember he opened our southern border to every illegal including every form of criminals.

Crimes of murder, rape, home invasion, assaults, muggings, you name it are soaring and he wants to disarm honest Americans?

What unbelievable contempt the left has for our Constitution, laws, and simple safety of people. Sure shot some career criminal intent on killing you and leftist prosecutors arrest and put you on trial for murder (see Kyle Rittenberger) at the same time they are releasing convicted murders from prison early because of a said disproportionate number of blacks in our prisons.

Guess they missed the BLM statistical release showing that 48% of violent crimes were committed by whites, Asians, Hispanics, and indigenous peoples here in America.

So what’s left?

Well, that means that blacks who are only 13% of the nation’s population are committing 52% of violent crimes (BLM’s words not mine). So how does that translate to any kind of disproportion in the exercise of criminal justice? Only idiots with a warped sense of politically motivated thinking can believe such nonsense.

Still, violent career criminal murders are getting early releases.

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Everything I’ve read tells me gun sails are soaring, prices too, and many calibers of ammo are hard to find. Many buyers are also first-time gun owners. Somehow that doesn’t make me think that most people feel really warm, fuzzy, and safe here in Biden’s open borders America.

Now he and his radical leftist handlers can mandate, intimidate, and threaten until the cows come home but their chances of convincing Americans to give up their best defense against psycho criminals has the chance of snowballs in Miami.

I Wonder who they can convince to come and collect all those guns?

By Steve Earle at Granite Grok

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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay