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If Twitter Doesn’t Sell, Elon Musk Has A “Plan B” (Watch)

The Twitter soap opera is still going strong.

We’ve got Elon on one side, trying to bring back free speech by offering to buy Twitter for about 43 billion bucks.

Then on the other side, we have the Globalist Regime, trying to pull out every trick in the book to save Twitter, so they can keep using it to censor their political rivals.

So, who’s gonna win?

It’s hard to tell right now. Rumor has it that Twitter and the Globalist Regime are going to reject Elon’s offer. Business Insider reported that A person familiar with the situation told The Information that Musk’s acquisition attempt is unwanted by the board, the outlet wrote.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s board is debating using a method called a “poison pill,” to prevent Musk from pushing the company into selling, two people with knowledge of the situation said, The New York Times  reported.

The Times added that the board met on Thursday to consider Elon Musk’s bid to acquire the company at a $43 billion valuation.

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The poison pill tactic, also known as a shareholder rights plan,  is used to avoid hostile takeovers by essentially diluting an acquirer’s stake via creating more shares in the market — or allowing other current shareholders to buy more shares at a discount, creating a “pill” that makes a hostile takeover more financially painful to achieve.

Elon Musk became Twitter’s biggest shareholder in early April, but Vanguard Group increased its stake and now is, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Right now, there is panic inside Twitter.

So, what happens if Twitter and the Regime’s poison pill works and this deal falls through. What next?

Well, don’t worry…

Today during his “TED Talk” Elon announced he has a “Plan B.”

He won’t say what it is right now, but he’s got one.

You can watch the video below:

Thank God for Elon Musk…

If he manages to pull this off, it’d be our greatest victory since 2016.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree