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Soft On Crime Consequences: Brooklyn Subway Shooter Has Long Criminal History

Whether on social media, in various online publications, or in legacy media outlets: as the news of Tuesday’s horrific subway shooting in Brooklyn began to unfold, a shooting that left ten innocent New Yorkers injured, we could sense both the media’s concern and anticipation on who the culprit might be.

In a perfect world for the left and their media, the shooter would have ultimately turned out to be a middle-aged, heterosexual, Christian white man, sporting a MAGA hat and NRA t-shirt. He would have been apprehended while driving a gas-guzzling Ford pick-up with a Pro-Life bumper sticker, and Ben Shapiro’s podcast would have been blaring from the vehicle’s stereo. We can practically see media members writhing in ecstasy at such a prospect.

But that’s not who the suspect turned out to be because that’s not reality. Regardless of how hard the left prays to their secular gods, and no matter how much they try to twist the truth to fit their fantasy narrative, facts inevitably come back and punch them squarely in their face. Such was the case with this incident. Consider some of the facts as we now know them:

– Mr. James is a black man who appears to be deeply troubled, but those troubles were largely ignored in deep-blue New York City, in deep-blue New York State.

– James is clearly a racist as evidenced by his bigoted rants on YouTube, but those comments didn’t cause authorities any concern because of the direction from which the racism came; from a black man. He also openly discussed his struggles with mental illness in those videos.

– Those videos remained on YouTube unmolested for years, and even in the immediate aftermath of James’ arrest because again, they didn’t fit the left’s narrative. If those videos had been posted by a white supremacist, they would have been taken down in a hot minute.

– And now we’ve learned that Frank James also has an extensive criminal history.

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It turns out that James, who is 62-years-old, has been arrested at least a dozen times before: nine times in New York and three times in New Jersey. The reasons for those arrests include, “the possession of burglary tools, theft of service, and a criminal sex act.” It was also discovered that James had a substantial cache of other weapons and ammo in his apartment.

It seems clear that Mr. James should not have been roaming our streets unfettered. If anything, he should have been under the care of mental health care professionals with his progress and medication being strictly monitored. According to New York City and State law, he should not have been in possession of those weapons. But this is the reality that government officials in Democrat-run cities and states have created. Fortunately, no one was killed this time. But if this disregard for common sense continues, we might not be so lucky when the next bloodbath comes around.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Blue State Conservative. The BSC is not responsible for, and does not verify the accuracy of, any information presented.

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