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Twitter User Asks “Would You Rather Be 80 Years Old With $100 million Or 20 Years Old And Broke?” Here’s How People Responded

In an age when more people than ever seem to have lost the open secret to happiness – gratitude, perspective, friends, family, etc. – and gone all-in on political ideologies, it’s worth remembering that life is fleeting. It might include suffering, but without the pain there would be no way to feel true pleasure. When God created man and made the human condition one of suffering, He did so with the purpose that it would allow us to feel joy as well.

A terrific follow on Twitter, Zuby, posed a question the other day about the weighing of youth, advanced age, and the holding of wealth. Suffice to say, the responses were uplifting. Although the social media platform is rightfully considered a cesspool, the overwhelming responses to this thread give me a glimmer of hope for the future. If we are able to recognize that there is more to life than the accumulation, or attempted accumulation, of wealth, then humanity might prevail.

Here is the original tweet:

In reply, Zuby also posted this positive message:

“Most people pick the latter, with minimal hesitation.

That says a lot about the TRUE value of time/health vs money, and puts the value of 1 youthful year at well over $1 million!

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Make sure you live your life accordingly.”

And here is what the rest of Twitter had to say:

20 and broke. There’s plenty of time to get wealthy and enjoy life along the way.

20 and broke. Some of the best times of my life when I had least money. Now that I have some money dont get me wrong its nice. Im appreciative and all but yeah weird as it is looking back I was the happiest when I was eating noodles lol. Not sure how its like that but it is.

Who on earth would choose to be 80? If people are even thinking about this, it is just odd. There really isn’t even a question here. Always trade time for money – you could shrink that gap way more and I’d still take being younger.

20 and broke.

Shoot, I’m middle class and 37 and I *might* consider being 20 and broke … again!

20 and broke, no worries. Money is easy to come by, if you’re willing g to bust ass.

20yrs old and broke. I had two heart attacks a couple of years ago and life isn’t as long as you think it is. I’m now 39

Ive been 20 and broke, ill do it again lol. Most important years of my life in shaping me.

This isn’t even a question

20 and broke, so basically the way I am now (but 23). not even a debate. no money in the world can pay for the energy, opportunity, and time that youth brings you.

Everyone who doesn’t say “20 years old and broke” doesn’t understand life.

20 and broke. When I was young and broke I had so much free time and fun with my friends. Now that I’m older and have some money, I have no free time. I often wish I wouldn’t have taken my younger years for granted when I was experiencing them.