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Lauren Boebert Destroys Joe Biden For His Handshakes With “Thin Air” [Video]

What happened the other day, when Joe Biden tried to shake hands with the “air” was probably the worst thing that could have happened to his failing joke of a “presidency.”

It was the moment when the curtain completely dropped and Joe’s very real and very serious cognitive issues were put on full display for the entire world to see.

Yes, I know we’ve all seen him stumble and stammer, say the wrong word, and speak as if he has a mouth full of marbles, but THIS “air handshake” was the one thing that’s inexcusable.

The other stuff, the left laughably blames on a “childhood stutter,” or they claim, “he was joking,” or “he meant to say something else…” etc.

But the “phantom handshake” has no defense. It was a very confused old man showing how truly sick he is, and there’s no “childhood stutter” or “joke” that can fix it. And every single GOP lawmaker should be screaming at the top of their lungs for the 25th Amendment, but of course, they’re not. And the media is virtually silent, which only makes everything that’s wrong with Joe seem 1000x worse.

But Rep Boebert didn’t let the “ghost handshake” go by without a comment – and a savage one at that…

Rep Boebert used that disturbing and very senile handshake to call out the most obvious fact of all — that Joe Biden didn’t get 81 million legal votes.

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Here’s what Rep Boebert said about that troubling handshake: “Biden wasn’t “shaking hands with a ghost” and we should stop making ridiculous jokes like that. He was shaking hands with his voters.”

At this point, I’m thinking Joe Biden would be lucky if he got 8 million legal votes. Here’s what people online are saying:

“Well when You have 79million votes from Dead People. You would be shaking hands with ghosts.”

“He was lost, dazed, and confused…a truly shocking moment” 

“Democrats should end his misery, declare him incompetent, give back the old guy’s dignity, he has served his purpose of being their puppet and it’s just bad for America.”

“I don’t usually watch “Biden bloopers” bc there are so many of them but this is plain SAD. (And I’ve hated the guy since I was a 20 something)”

“I’ll admit I’m one of the first to make fun of Biden’s often wacky moments, but enough is enough. It’s not a joke, Joe Biden, it’s a threat to national security,”

“Remember when the liberal media went on for days, analyzing how President Trump went down that slippery ramp! Brandon tries to shake a hand that isn’t there and then doesn’t know where to go? The media is a joke”

“Handshakes to the air. How is this still defensible?”

The American people are not stupid. We’re a smart, compassionate bunch. Many of us feel sorry for Joe Biden on a human level, despite what a thieving monster he’s been his entire life, it’s sad to watch a human life wither away like a bad SNL skit.

But we’re also prudent, and we expect our leaders will be strong and capable enough to handle the country’s business, and we also expect to be treated with respect as voters – none of that is happening right now, so the American people are angry.

It’s time for Joe Biden to go. It’s our duty to remove these cheaters from the office, and Joe should be the first to go, and Kamala will be the second. Joe can ride off into the sunset and shake hands with the air all he wants on his own time, but he should not be doing it on ours.

By Wayne Dupree

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This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree