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Watch: Black Cop Lays Out Black Protester After She Gets Too Close

The left and their paramilitary outfit Black Lives Matter can’t and won’t do anything about this one. Unlike their bread-and-butter propaganda of going all-in with every white cop, black victim story, when the skin color of a person changes suddenly they go silent. 

It’s almost as if they didn’t care about supposed police brutality. Only profiteering off white guilt and getting those sweet Ben Crump paydays.

In a “protest” for a deceased man from last year who was killed by police after having a taser deployed on him, the wash-rinse-repeat domestic terrorists blocked major roadways and refused to comply with legal, lawful commands from police as they attempted to clear things up.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared a video of the incident on Twitter. The altercation picks up around the 1:20 mark:


“At an unlawful #BLM protest in Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh yesterday, protesters ignored police orders to get off the road. As black cops tried to make arrests, some of them tried to prevent that & put their hands on the cops, leading one to punch & arrest one.”

Ngo then provided additional still shots:

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“The cinematic photo of #BLM protester Vuestro Merced getting punched by a Wilkinsburg officer after trying to stop an arrest has gone viral. Merced was quickly released from jail & people are using the incident to fundraise cash for the militant activist.”

Maybe her outdoor mask absorbed part of the blow? The Post Millennial provided further detail and context:

“”It is our right,” the protester said in response to requests for the group to leave the street. The group began chanting, “No justice, No peace, F*ck these racist a** police,” at the officer, who is black.

That same protester was seen getting in the face of an officer after they appeared to be talking with whom the protester said was her daughter.

It was at this point that the officer began to attempt to arrest the protester, which was when Vuestro Merced stepped between the two, pushing the officer away.

As the two continue to struggle, the officer eventually appears to punch Merced in the face, dropping the protester to the ground, as an officer with a police canine wearing a muzzle got close. Officers eventually arrests Merced, as well as the other female protester.”

Amazingly, The Post Millennial goes on to report that the police assailant had already been booked and released. In other words, she faces no long-term consequences and will be encouraged – as will her militant community – to repeat the same aggressive tactics in their next rumble with law enforcement. 

And, in more typical fashion of left-wing fascism, the group purportedly created to bring justice to the deceased revealed itself as nothing more than a corrupt Marxist offshoot of its parent organization.

“We are not interested in engaging with the police or various municipalities’ narratives of dividing so-called good protestors from so-called bad ones. Any one [sic] on the ground at the march today, who has to experience the police attack us, or are now viewing it through it’s being shared on the press or social media can see clearly that those who wield violence are the police.”

“We stand in solidarity and send love to the people who were harmed and arrested, Jim Rogers family, and those who have had to bear witness to this horrible incident in our community. We will continue to care for one another and fight for Justice for Jim Rogers and for all victims of police brutality and anti-Black violence.”

What do these words mean? It’s pablum, lies, or just both. If Black Lives Matter truly cared about black lives, they would encourage – nay, demand – that black men fulfill their moral, financial, and societal obligation by staying home to raise their children and they would raise children not to be immoral, criminal thugs. 

Moreover, when just 250 blacks are killed on average every year by police, most of them justified by violent and resistive subjects, and thousands are killed by gangbanging black-on-black crime, you know priorities don’t lay with preserving black life. To these monsters, only political and cultural power matters.