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Boom: Jen Psaki Might Have Opened Herself Up To A Federal Investigation

Jen Psaki likes to pretend she’s all about rules and regulations and ethics.

But we all know that’s a bunch of “Biden Malarkey,” don’t we?

Jen is a liar, she spins stories like a robot, lies like a pro, and spreads BS all day long, and like everyone else in the Biden admin, she’s only looking out for #1.

As you likely know by now, Jen is getting ready to leave her job as the WH press secretary and she’s heading over to MSNBC.

But the transition is getting very messy, and Jen might have landed herself in some hot water.

Western Journal reported that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki represents the president of the United States to the American people.

As such, she speaks regularly to members of the news media.

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She’s been doing so while negotiating for a job with at least two of those media outlets. And she’s publicly berated one of their competitors.

See the problem? The ethics watchdog group Protect the People’s Trust sure does.

“Ms. Psaki has continued to brief reporters from the White House podium, including reporters from networks she has reportedly been negotiating with, without any apparent restrictions, creating a potential conflict of interest,” wrote Michael Chamberlain, PPT director.

His comments are in a letter dated Tuesday to officials at the Justice Department, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, and the White House.

Psaki and the Biden administration should live up to its own promise, personally stated by Psaki, to provide “an example of engagement and transparency,” Chamberlain said.

“Ms. Psaki engaged in an apparent misuse of her official position when she publicly disparaged Fox News, a competitor of her reported future employer,” Chamberlain wrote.

Psaki will soon be leaving the White House to become a commentator for MSNBC. That network outbid an offer from CNN, The Washington Examiner reported.

“The appearance of a conflict of interest risks further damaging the already low level of public trust in government,” according to Chamberlain, as he called for an investigation to see “whether Ms.Psaki violated her ethical duties, either in her remarks regarding Fox News or in her conduct while negotiating non-federal employment.”

Access to the White House briefing room and related officials are valuable commodities, Chamberlain said, which points to a conflict of interest on the part of Psaki.

It’s a blatant and flagrant conflict of interest.

But I am n0t surprised that this is happening.

The Biden admin is the most shameless and unprofessional admins we’ve seen in our lifetime.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree