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Don’t Mess With DeSantis! In Latest Move, Florida Governor Takes Off The Gloves With Disney

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is a smart guy, and he’s also a highly skilled politician. But with the complete derangement we’ve been witnessing from the left, combined with DeSantis’ utter ballsy-ness, the section of the Culture War battlefield currently occupied by DeSantis looks like a Marine Corps Battalion fighting against the local Cub Scouts Troop. He’s a man among boys, and he’s not letting up.

In an announcement from the governor’s office yesterday, DeSantis “called on lawmakers to review independent special districts established prior to Nov. 5, 1968.”

The significance of that date may escape many of us, but we can be sure that it hit home with the wokester clowns running the Disney Corporation. And we can also safely bet that there were widespread whisperings of, “Oh, crap!” around the halls at Disney headquarters in Burbank on Tuesday afternoon.

In 1967, just a year before the date detailed in DeSantis’ request yesterday, a law known as the Reedy Creek Improvement Act was passed by the Florida State legislature and signed into law by then-governor Haydon Burns, a Democrat. The law effectively gave the Disney Corporation governmental autonomy in the state thanks to their sizeable investment in what would become Disney World in Orlando.

It was a situation of a state government playing nice with corporate America. Come invest in our state and be a good corporate citizen, and we’ll lay low on government intrusion and authoritarianism concerning your company. That’s the way things are supposed to work. But Disney chose last month to disregard such long-held protocols when they decided to bow to a small but vocal contingent of employees and jump head-first into the culture war and Florida politics.

Disney opted for bowing to the woke mob and trying to punch up at Ron DeSantis, and now, they’re about to get clobbered.

In March, when the legislature in Tallahassee passed the Parental Rights in Education Act, that was democracy in action: Elected officials representing the will of their constituents. When Governor DeSantis signed the bill into law, that was again democracy in action, with the duly elected head of Florida’s executive branch, and one who is extremely popular amongst his citizenry, affirming the will of the people.

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But Disney couldn’t help themselves. They don’t like Democracy when it goes against what they want. And now they’re going to feel the sting.

What’s amazing about DeSantis is this: He just lets leftists be leftists, and then reacts by doing the right thing. It’s that simple. The law he signed last month is not a “don’t say gay bill,” it’s completely reasonable. And when Americans across the country consider exactly what it says, they support it overwhelmingly.

Ron DeSantis lets leftists promote the indoctrination of young children with inappropriate sexual curricula, and then stands up for parents and those same children. DeSantis allows leftists to advocate for lax election integrity laws and then takes the side of free and fair elections. And DeSantis sits back and watches leftists try and push racist and dishonest Critical Race Theory, and reacts by taking charge and shutting it down. Ron DeSantis is a master at giving the left just enough rope to hang themselves, and then helping them tie the knot.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

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