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“Space Is Exciting!”: Kamala Harris Delivers Embarrassing, Patronizing Drivel In Front Of Military (VIDEO)

On some days, I am almost convinced that whoever or whatever runs the world picked Kamala Harris simply because they could. There is no rational explanation that would coherently explain how such a sleazy moron captured the vice presidency. 

The alternative to that explanation is that Americans are just that dumb, which Occam’s Razor would suggest. Rabbit-hole diving conspiracy theorists like to posit that Harris is the punchline of a joke on all of us, and there are days I subscribe to that, no doubt.

However, I am also reminded each day that I am surrounded by idiots. I know them, you know them, we are related to them, befriended by them, drive next to them, and work with them. Harris is unquestiobaly stupid, but to half this country she comes across as caring, empathetic, funny, and savvy. I truly don’t recognize my human peers. Dumb people picked a dumb candidate; it’s as simple as that.

We have reached new levels of intellectually vacuousness with Harris, though. There is dumb, and then here is Harris-level dumb. She doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. And don’t give me that lack of preparedness nonsense; you can’t work really hard gussying up a pig and turning it into a beautiful woman. Harris, regardless of her laziness or disinterest, can never come across a ssmart on account of not being smart.

That brings us to this clip. Harris might form words better than Joe Biden, but that doesn’t mean she says anything more valuable. This is eighteen seconds and several IQ points you won’t get back in your life.

Take a watch as Harris elucidates on the magic and allure of space – as if impersonating my toddler:

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“Space is exciting. It spurs our imaginations and it forces us to ask big questions. Space, it affects us all. And it connects us all.”

I have nothing nice to say about Joe Biden. At all. He is corrupt to the nth degree and his legacy of fifty years leeching off Average Joe Taxpayer is criminal. Somehow, though, I astound myself in committing to words the fact that I don’t want the bimbo buffoon, Heels Up Harris replacing the braindead president any time soon. I shudder to think of both the policies she would push and the world’s response knowing the buck stopped at her.

We got Biden and Harris. My gosh.

Twitter didn’t have much kindness to share after viewing this speech either. We all see her for what she is. Empty, stupid, and devoid of charisma. Here is a sample of what users had to say:

Is she speaking to 3rd graders?

This is what you get when you pick strictly on race and gender

Who writes this shit for her? Unbelievable.

Truly comical at this point. I’m partly convinced they’re just screwing with us at this point.

Everything she says sounds condescending

Space and the passage of time!  Two brilliant speeches that may never be topped!

What word could a politician not trade out for “space” and deliver those same lines, with the same feeling and communicate just as much as she did?