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Watch: Muslim Riots Engulf Sweden For Nearly A Week, Corporate Media Silent

Unbeknownst to most Americans is the very real and very disturbing news that the northern European nation of Sweden, Bernie Sanders’ white, idyllic socialist paradise, is suffering under the immense reality of the inevitable failure of multiculturalism.

Trending Politics noted that it all started after a Danish politician who recognizes Europe can either be rooted in historical Western value or Islamic values – but not both – desecrated a copy of Islam’s holiest book. 

“The trouble began last Thursday in Stockholm and Linkoping as members of Sweden’s anti-Islam group led by Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan bragged that they had burned copies of the Islamic holy book, the Quran and encouraged others to continue to do so in rallies around the country.

The remarks sparked unprecedented violence and riots in cities around the country as angry Muslims and counter-protesters attacked police officers, damaged buildings and set fires.”

How bad was that damage specifically? Police cars have been burned, a school was burned, and other fires were started across multiple cities. Individuals like Palduan himself and police officers are subjected to having rocks and other projectiles hurled at them. In all, scores of people have been injured. 

A few videos don’t capture the full amount of failed multiculturalism, but it is a starting point:

A further report breaks down part of the chaos from earlier this week:

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“On Friday there were riots in the city of Orebro. The violence spread to the city of Norrkoping, which is around a hundred miles south-west of Stockholm, and to Linkoping. Then there was street violence in an actual Stockholm suburb: Rinkeby. On Saturday violence rocked the southern city of Malmo. In some cities the violence continued on Sunday and Monday. Scores of police officers have been injured and dozens of rioters arrested. According to the BBC, Sweden’s national police chief, Anders Thornberg, says he has ‘never seen such violent riots’. He says the rioters ‘tried to kill police officers’.”

It is not hyperbole to suggest that the future politics of immigration and the struggle for free speech itself are entirely at stake in this conflict. Muslim populations have for years attacked anyone, up to and including murdering them, for the sole reason of depicting Mohammed or engaging in acts such as Paludan’s.  What left-leaning Swedes are discovering is that freedom comes with risks; in this case the risk to offend. 

Muslims don’t have to like what this politician did, but to respond with predictable anarchy and mayhem is tantamount to what BLM does in the United States with their violent, destructive, and deadly overreactions to whatever perceived slight they can use for kindling. 

Sweden, like most of Europe, is grappling with the issue of massive immigration of Muslim in relatively short time. The latter has never invested much effort in assimilating – the term itself is anathema to both leftists and their beloved immigrant hordes – and eventually the wanton destruction as seen in various Swedish cities is the inevitable result. Only one civilization can win.