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Lol: Donald Trump Dishes On Royal Family, Calls Prince Harry “Whipped”

Former President Donald Trump’s appeal to the masses is his ability to cut through political correctness and speak without a filter. He might not always speak gracefully, but he speaks truthfully. And sometimes, because humor is rooted in reality, his straight shooting is downright hilarious.

A perfect example of the former president releasing a barrage of classic Trumpian occurred during part of his doctored interview with Piers Morgan. Morgan is one of those idiots who recognizes the approaching beast of leftism and still hates Trump. One or the other, guy.

Morgan, being the Brit he is, waded into the royals, particularly with the pathetic situation of Prince Harry and his extremely narcissistic wife, Megan Markle. 

As CBS reported, Morgan prompted Trump’s opinion on the ongoing drama between Harry, Megan, the royal family, and the ridiculous nature of their private and public relationship. CBS wrote:

“During a White House briefing, a reporter asked him about the couple, who were encouraging Americans to register to vote ahead of the 2020 presidential election. “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chimed in on the U.S. election and essentially encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden. I wanted to get your reaction to that,” [Morgan] asked.”

Although the question was designed to elicit a response about the political commentary and the “chiming in” from Harry and Megan, Trump took a different path.

“I’m not a fan of hers, and I would say this — and she probably has heard that — but, I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he’s going to need it.”

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From there, Trump turned from Megan to the spineless husband she drags around, which is where the interview really got interesting.

“Harry is whipped, do you know the expression? I won’t use the full expression, but Harry is whipped like no person I think I’ve ever seen. I’m not a fan of Meghan, I’m not a fan, and I wasn’t right from the beginning. I think poor Harry is being led around by his nose.”

Morgan then asked Trump if he thought the relationship would end.

“I do, I’ve been a very good predictor, as you know, I’ve predicted almost everything, it’ll end, and it’ll end bad. I wonder if Harry’s going to go back on his hands and knees and say please. You know, I think Harry’s been led down a path.”

Finally, he was asked how he would have handled the situation if he were the 96-year-old, Covid-surviving queen?

“I would, the only thing I disagree with the queen on, probably one of the only things ever, is that I think she should have said, ‘If that’s your choice fine, but you no longer have titles and frankly don’t come around. He has been so disrespectful to the country and I think he’s an embarrassment.”

Good for Trump for calling it like it is. This is what makes him so great. There is also stuff like this, unrelated to the Q&A about the royals, too. Here is Trump laying into Piers Morgan in the same interview calling him a fool to his face: