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Watch: Dad Of The Year Catches Foul Ball In One Hand While Bottle Feeding Kid With The Other

Although professional sports are largely dead to me – long the result of insane costs of entry, the time commitment, and overall burnout from watching overpaid primadonna athletes underform before leagues then took turns leapfrogging one another trying to out-woke themselves – it doesn’t mean we can’t find feel-good stories from taxpayer-funded stadiums.

I dislike Major League Baseball, but that doesn’t mean I dislike baseball as a sport. As such, I can definitely appreciate America’s pastime when it just includes dads and kids. Especially when those dads aren doing the most dad-like things possible.

This clip was just too good to ignore. Watch as this awesome dad maintains feeding kiddo with one hand and casually competing to catch a wayward foul ball. 

The prospect of barehanding a foul ball is probably daunting to most fans. Add to that the one-handed nature of it, on top of which you’re vying for the keepsake with other fans, and then finally doing so knowing full well a miss or carom could send the ball directly into your infant’s face, and well, it all equals an impressive feat.

If there are still winners and losers in sports, then this dad is the undisputed victor. The clear loser is the guy wearing a cardigan and man purse to a Major League event.  That was his first mistake. His second mistake was giving up his position of standing in between the flight of the ball and his opponent. He also had two hands available as well as the ability to stand up and reach out on account of not being strapped down with a kid. Nevertheless, this goober committed an unforced error and somehow swung and missed entirely.

After his failure, there’s nothing he can do but slink back to his seat and listen to uproarious applause from around the area as other fans acknowledge the best dad move of the year. As much as we will remember this dad, this cut-rate ball fan will go down in infamy as well.

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Twitter also appreciated the play. I put my favorite one at the bottom.

Been a bigger accomplishment if he would’ve been breastfeeding

Shocker that the guy with the man purse in front of him didn’t make the play

Great catch. Stadium seems pretty empty. Is that the norm now? Haven’t been to a game in years.

Woulda been more impressive had the baby caught it.

Woman is pregnant again.

No doubt, after watching her man barehand that ball with her kid, she instantly dropped an egg. Good stuff, my man.

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